The winter unleash lull could be a blessing and a curse. Fewer new games are setting out for players to sink their teeth into. However, there’s a moment of calm to read ever-deepening backlogs or return to time-tested favourites. Skyrim Mods has been a constant presence on my hard drive since it had been released just over three years past, however, as much as I like it, I even have to admit that there are solely numerous hours that you will spend playing before you recognise the map just like the back of your hand. Before you have got every title, a character will have before you’ve filled the basements of every one amongst your houses with the wheel when the wheel of firm yellow Eidar cheese.

When everything starts to feel a bit too acquainted, it’s time to take advantage of Skyrim’s strong modding scene for a complete revamp. Here are the 10 Best Skyrim mods.



While SkyUI changes plenty of things in favour of easier navigation (most notably Skyrim’s ludicrously cumbersome inventory), it adds a few new features too. For instance, there’s a control panel within the options menu that several recent mods plug into automatically, permitting players to fine-tune several of the additional advanced mod systems. If nothing else, SkyUI could be the push you would like to install Skyrim Script Extender (more usually referred to as SKSE), a popular (and in some cases required) mod that expands what different mods are ready to do.



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