In Apex Legends, little changes to the settings will improve your playstyle. One significant adjustment you ought to look into is the sensitivity. During this guide, we’ll show you the way to access the settings and alter the sensitivity for the mouse.

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Doing so is fast and straightforward. First of all, navigate your way to the main menu, then click on the gear symbol within the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then click on the settings option that appears. This may take you to the main options screen.

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Apex Legends

From there, you need to click on the ‘Mouse/ Keyboard’ option. Here you’ll realize a good variety of options where you’ll tweak your game preferences. However, for now, you’ll need to pick out the first option ‘Mouse Sensitivity’ and alter the bar till your satisfied with the result.

Apex Legends

Perfecting this setting can take many tries. We advocate dropping into a practice game to adjust the settings. Once you’re happy, you can jump into the main mode and play for real.



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