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Spectrum TV App: How To Use Spectrum TV App on Roku

The Spectrum TV app on Roku gives you more TV watching options than ever before. Watch live TV, browse the guide, creates a customized viewing experience with my library, watch thousands of on-demand programs, and more. Programming will vary based on your Spectrum TV subscription, select Spectrum TV to launch the app.

Let’s start with live TV. Navigate left, you can browse by scrolling up or down the listings or find shows fast using the mini-guide, navigate left again to use filters to narrow your search by channel number, network name, or genre. Next, check out the guide, return to the main menu by pressing, the left Arrow at the very top of your remote. The guide is just another way to view what’s currently playing now and later.

My library lets you customize your TV experience, see what you recently watched, access another episode, or create a watch list to quickly get to your favorites on-demand offers, thousands of movies, and TV shows. Options to watch on-demand options are grouped by category. When you stop at a program, a short description of that program pops up.

Select okay to see a more detailed summary, like what you just watched, take a look at similar options listed under more like this, and if you can’t watch it now, you can always add it to your watch list and save it for later. And if you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can search for it by genre, title, actor, or director.

Finally, here are a few more functions that will come in handy from settings. You can set preferences, like manage favorites, set parental controls, manage access by TV and movie ratings,  and block channels. Just follow the prompts to set up your pin and to find controls, The Spectrum TV app on Roku, another way to watch.

Written by Ada Eze


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