Fallout 4 Survival Mods is often a challenging experience, with no quick travel, fast saving or more features that you take for granted in normal mode. It’s positively tougher than the typical game, requiring much more decision making. Read more on Fallout 4 Tips

The survival mode will be improved further though with numerous mods. Ones which offer immersion, or mods that merely permit you to manage every aspect of the mode. That’s why below, we’ve put along a list of some of the most effective Survival Mods for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One that are working in 2019.

The list below is in no specific order, and all buttons link back to Bethesda.net where they will be installed. If you would like to check out some more Fallout 4 content, check out our dedicated area here!


Adds 15 different backpacks to Fallout 4, that have plenty of customization for both mods and colors. Backpacks of the Commonwealth offer a realistic and immersive way of skyrocketing your carry weight, particularly for the Survival mode.

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Everyone’s best friend Dogmeat allows you to own Dogmeat with you at all times, while conjointly having a regular companion like Codsworth. This implies you’ll invariably have two companions following you through the Commonwealth. There’s a couple of advantages of this mod for Survival mode, including the additional carry weight and more help in fights.


Conquest permits you to make new settlements anywhere within the game world. However, it conjointly allows you to make campsites where you’ll be able to rest, eat and recharge in survival mode where fast travel isn’t possible. Once you reach the next morning, you’ll be able to pack up your campsite and carry on together with your travels.

SURVIVAL options

Survival options may be a bit of a cheat mod and make survival mode much more comfortable. It permits you to alter how survival works, with allowing quick travel again, saving on weight, fast travel, thirst and hunger and much more. It’s at least reassuring to own this mod as a last resort.

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The developer of this mod states that it’s faster, more arduous, less foreseeable and more immersive’. It makes some changes to AI, slower leveling; base HP changes, much improved AI, explosions are currently lethal and a few more changes. If you would like to make Fallout 4 a bit harder, this mod may be a nice start.


APC Home on the Move provides an immersive way to travel around the map and rest. There are 11 locations to visit that require fusion cores for immersion, a bed to rest in, storage containers, workbenches, and manual saving. It’s going to create your survival expertise a bit easier, however more bearable.


Adds buildable campsites to the Commonwealth, with pieces as well as tents, sleeping bags, cloth walls, fire, lanterns, cooking pots and a dog bed for dog meat. These are all new textures and meshes with completely different camouflages obtainable together with Nuka Cola and Vault-Tec themes. This mod provides a very immersive way to rest and cook while enjoying the survival mode.

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Completely change the looks of the Commonwealth by adding snow and a layer of frost. While it’s strictly a cosmetic mod, it merely offers a new look and feels to Fallout 4, that helps provide a unique survival experience. Mainly if you’ve already done multiple playthroughs.


Calamity Weathers aims to change the atmosphere in Fallout 4 to possess a lot of gritty and darker feel, similar to the railway system game series. That includes a graphics overhaul, other weathers, darker nights, radstorms and more; it works nicely with the survival expertise.


This mod adds M.R.E’s to the game, that works nicely in survival mode. Not solely do they restore health. However, they increase your carry weight by 25 for one hour. Which means that if you wish to hold extra stuff back to base, you’ll be able to eat an M.R.E and get going simply. You’ll be able to realize your initial set outside of Vault 111, with more being crafted underneath the chemistry station.



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