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Best Minecraft Texture And Resource Parks

10 Awesome Minecraft Resource Packs That Improve The Vanilla Look

Hey guys, and welcome back to another post, today I’m going to be showing you 10 Best Minecraft Texture And Resource Parks that essentially make improvements to vanilla Minecraft. Some of these resource packs will make very big changes while other ones will only change a few things and really it’ll be up to you to decide what you like. So anyway, let’s go ahead and get into the content. To start off, I have the

Default 3D Pack

This actually makes us so a lot of the blocks and the game will now be completely 3D. This is even some kind of Illusion, the blocks are actually 3D, and you know this is just a really cool effect, although be aware if you use this with the Shader something in there are a lot of blocks that are 3D around, it’s going to get really laggy. VISIT RESOURCE

Vanilla XBR

This resource pack simply makes so all of the textures and Minecraft will go from 16 to 32 resolution, and this just gives the game a bit more detailed than it had before, but really doesn’t change the appearance that much at all. After that. We have. VISIT RESOURCE

Mickey Joe’s Relatively Improved Default

And while this resource pack does change a couple of the textures in the game at probably my favorite feature from this one would be the new models that are given to a bunch of the mods facts. Some of these mobs will even have different skins depending on the biome. They spot it. VISIT RESOURCE

Improved Default

Next. We have a resource pack, simply titled improved default. This resource pack actually has a really nice effect, which makes us a bunch of the blocks blends together. And honestly, in-game, this just looks fantastic. And this resource pack also has some of its own custom mod models, which is pretty nice. VISIT RESOURCE

R3D Craft

This one takes all of the textures in Minecraft and makes them insanely high resolution. In fact, you can go all the way up to a resolution of 512, and is truly pretty cool to look at. Because while the resolution is much higher, the textures are still essentially the same. VISIT RESOURCE

Default Improved

Next up. We have default improved. This one will make the resolution all the way up to 64, and what makes this resource pack special is actually includes PBR, and this allows shaders to actually interact with the surfaces of the textures, which looks pretty amazing, especially with the ray-tracing shaders be. VISIT RESOURCE

BwW Texturepack

BWW texture pack is next and this one’s actually pretty similar to Improve Default except it doesn’t include the updated animal models, but what it does, add as an updated and more detailed Sky, along with leaves on trees that very closely resembled the better foliage mod. VISIT RESOURCE

Smooth Operator

Next, we have this Smooth Operator resource pack and this is probably the most visually different pack on this list and it’s pretty interesting because while it does essentially change the style of the textures, it still keeps the same general shape of all of them. And I think it’s pretty unique that this pack is able to accomplish both these things. VISIT RESOURCE


This one’s pretty similar to our 3D Craft, but realistic, actually has a parallax included which allows you to have some pretty amazing-looking effects. When you combine it with shaders, do keep in mind that realistico is going to set you back a whole three dollars. VISIT RESOURCE


Finally, the last resource pack I have for you guys today is Mes’easons. This pack adds a complete season cycle to the game and everyone at this season looks completely unique from one another, and honestly, all of them just look really good. There truly is a season that looks bad with this pack and overall. VISIT RESOURCE

All right, that’s the end of this post and quite a few packs that change to the vanilla game. It does exist for Minecraft. So if you think I missed any, go ahead and comment on those below the comment section and I will definitely go check them out. And if you guys enjoyed this content, be sure to share the post, comment, and subscribe to our newsletter, and until next time. Thanks for reading.

Written by Ada Eze


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