Known as ‘China’s Apple,’ Xiaomi may be a huge brand within the Chinese and Indian smartphone markets – and currently in Europe, with its November United Kingdom launch following a successful entry in Spain, France, and Italy. It plans to hit the United States in 2019, too. Let’s get down to Best Xiaomi Phones 2018

For users within the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe, Xiaomi offers mobile phones with specifications many notches above what you will get for equivalent cash over here. If you would like the best-value phone, you are in the right place. also see: Best Xiaomi Deals

The Xiaomi line-up can be confusing for those not acquainted with it, however, follow these general rules of thumb and you cannot go far wrong. Redmi is the company’s budget line. Therefore while prices are lower, you should not expect similar features and performance you get from the flagships. The Note ranges are its tablets or large-screen phones (though Mi max is the largest), and plain old Mi is its flagship family.

The Mi 8 pro, Mi 8 and futuristic Mi mix 2S (originally an idea phone in its first edition) presently sit at the top of the line-up, and within the next few weeks, we’ll be adding the Mi mix 3 (which has currently been announced solely in China).

Previously you furthermore may have the Mi Note at flagship status, but within the Mi Note 3 core hardware has been downgraded. Do not rule it out, though: with many of the same features and the same style to the Mi6, it’s appealing as a less expensive choice.

Your buying guide to the best Xiaomi phones of 2018

Though you can currently find Xiaomi phones officially on sale in the United Kingdom, via Three, Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Carphone Warehouse, Currys/PC World, eBuyer, Very, Go Mobile, Mobile Phones Direct and, you may additionally find special deals importing them from China.

This will entail using a website like GearBest. If you decide on to do so, note that only the global models support 800MHz 4G LTE (Band 20), that is very important to note for United Kingdom users on O2, GiffGaff or Sky Mobile. O2 depends exclusively on this band for 4G coverage, which implies the most you will get is 3G without reverting to Wi-Fi. For other networks that additionally use this band 4G coverage may be less than you would find with a phone that will support 800MHz.

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If you are buying from China you should additionally take into consideration that your consumer rights are entirely different to when you purchase inside Europe, which should something go wrong you are going to find aftersales support tougher. Delivery times also will be longer, though there’s typically a free option.

One significant distinction between Xiaomi phones and stock android phones is that they run MIUI and unless you’ve got one of the International or global models you will find Google Play Services aren’t preinstalled. As long as it’s a relatively recent device and capable of running MIUI 9, this is often simple to solve. We’ve explained a way to install Google Play on a Xiaomi phone here.

An exception here is that the Mi A2 and Mi A2 lite, that are identical in style and specification to the Mi 6X and Redmi 6 pro, however, running android One instead of MIUI.

Best Xiaomi Phone Reviews

1. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

  • Reviewed on: 9 November 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC
  • Buy from  Amazon

At £499 the Mi 8 pro is a fantastic purchase, undercutting each rival flagship phone within the United Kingdom – and now that Xiaomi phones are easily obtainable within the United Kingdom, there is no reason not to consider it.

With a dominant performance, good cameras, some genuinely helpful software, a fancy in-display fingerprint sensor, and a cool transparent back cover, this is an excellent all-rounder at a fantastic price.

2. Xiaomi Mi8

  • Reviewed on: 26 November 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC
  • Buy from Amazon

Astonishing price, insane performance, fantastic photography, a more prominent than ever 18.7:9 AMOLED display and a fresh new 3D Face recognition feature are all reasons why you must burst forth and purchase the Mi 8. without delay it prices just £438.33/US$569.99/€490.20 from GearBest, that is several hundred pounds cheaper than many of the phones with which it competes.

We’re unhappy to see Xiaomi not maintaining with its rivals regarding wireless charging, waterproofing, and a Quad-HD screen, and that the highly anticipated in-display fingerprint is exclusive to the Explorer Edition, however at this value, we will hardly complain. Superb phone, highly recommended.

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3. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

  • Reviewed on: 16 November 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC
  • Buy from Amazon

The original full-display smartphone is evolving into something extraordinary. Now with wireless charging, quicker performance and a dual-camera that builds in AI, the Mi mix 2S could be a nearer rival to western flagships than ever – and at a fraction of the worth.

The Mi mix 2S majors on performance and design. With its ceramic, mirror-finish case and 18:9 display it looks and feels unimaginable in hand.

With full Google services, the Xiaomi is straightforward to suggest, though it isn’t ideal for selfie and audio fanatics with a poorly positioned front camera and a mono speaker that does not make up for the shortage of an earphone jack.

Battery life might even be better, and we’d wish to see the company finally take the plunge with a Quad-HD display and waterproofing.

4. Xiamo Pocophone F1

  • Reviewed on: 23 November 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC
  • Buy from Amazon

There’s no doubt that the Pocophone F1 is one amongst the best Chinese phones we’ve ever tested.

Xiaomi has done an impressive job of creating an imposingly high-spec phone for a mind-blowingly low-cost value. It’s may not be the thinnest and lightest phone around however the design remains enticing and fascinating.

If you prefer the Mi8, however, your budget cannot stretch this is the phone for you.

5. Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

  • Reviewed on: 27 November 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC
  • Buy from Amazon

The Mi 8 lite is an excellent-value mid-range phone with a stunning style and some good hardware, significantly in the camera department. We’re excited for what Xiaomi’s entrance to the united kingdom means for the mid-range smartphone market.

6. Xiaomi Mi A2

  • Reviewed on: 9 November 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC
  • Buy from Amazon

The inclusion of Android One makes Xiaomi phones so much more easily accessible to UK- and United States users – and that is a brilliant thing, finally allowing those outside China and India (and more recently Spain, France, and Italy) a taste of what else is out there on the market. The Mi A2 (also obtainable running MIUI as the Mi 6X) whets our craving for what is coming our way when Xiaomi formally launches within the United Kingdom on 8 November.

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A fantastic budget phone, the Mi A2 is £199 and simply procurable from Amazon. It combines strong build quality with a pleasant show, sensible, comprehensive performance and a well-specced trio of cameras — it out-specs and out-performs each different phone in our budget smartphone chart.

7. Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

  • Reviewed on: 26 November 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC
  • Buy from Amazon

Budget Android phones do not come better than this. The Mi A2 lite features a premium style with 19:9 notch display, dual rear cameras, and excellent performance. Storage is generous, and we like the fact you’ll be able to bolster the 64GB internal space with microSD cards up to 256GB in capacity without sacrificing dual-SIM support. A good budget purchase.

8. Xiaomi Mi Note 3

  • Reviewed on: 2 May 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC

The Mi Note 3 could be a downgrade on the Mi6 and, arguably, the Mi Note 2, however it appeals with a lower price and a beautiful premium design. Although it does not feature a flagship processor, this is a competent smartphone with a tight dual-camera. Provided you’ll live without 800MHz 4G and are happy to install Google Play Services yourself; it’s tough not to recommend the Mi Note 3.

9. Xiaomi Mi Max 3

  • Reviewed on: 23 October 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC

If you want a large screen on a budget, without going the whole hog and buying a tablet, we can think of no better example than the Mi max 3. currently with improved performance, a second camera lens at the rear and a large 6.9 18:9 display, it is a worthy upgrade on the Mi max 2 – and still even as affordable.

10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

  • Reviewed on: 26 November 2018Best Xiaomi Phones
  • RRP: Price TBC
  • Buy from Amazon

A big screen and a low price are paired with good battery life, proper performance, and an enhanced dual-camera within the Redmi Note 5. There are some drawbacks, like the previous Micro-USB port, lack of fast Charge support and partially plastic build, but in other respects budget phones do not come much better than this.



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