In COD Black Ops 4, you have got the flexibility to alter your Calling Card. This is often the banner that seems below your name on your profile, moreover as within the kill feed in-game. You would possibly call it banner instead.

As you progress through the game finishing achievements, you’ll unlock new calling cards that you’ll equip. While they don’t have an effect on your game-play in any manner, it simply helps form your identity.

Below, you’ll see our fast orient the way to modify your calling card in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. While we’ve coated more guides for the game here.


Navigate into your Player Settings. For you to do this, select your name at the bottom of the screen, close to the settings icon. If you’re playing on PC, you can also press F4 by default.

Open the Player Account area

The image you are seeing above shows the home screen, with the player account button located at the bottom. You will be navigated to the screen below, where you can modify your emblem, access the paint shop, clan tag and your calling card.

Choose to change Calling Cards

Select Calling Cards. You’ll be given a list of cards that you have available, most will be locked depending on your progress and how much you’ve played.

Pick a new calling card

At the top of the screen, you will see different categories. These are calling cards for each game mode, including general, multiplayer, zombies, blackout, masters and black market.



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