Are you searching for one among the best FTP clients for Macintosh OS and don’t know about Commander One FTP?

If yes, then this post is going to assist you.

Commander One is a File Manager with a dual panel interface and variety of other vital features, that is made in SWIFT.

The best factor concerning this file manager is “It is completely Free.”

Yes, you heard it right. This fantastic file manager for Macintosh is free to download and use.

Commander One has three view modes and unlimited tabs for simple moving and copying of files. However, this is not all Commander One has got to offer to you. It’s got more features which can make your browsing and managing Macintosh PC’s content smoother and quicker.

And that will assist you to extend the efficiency of your workflow.

As I aforementioned Commander One (The Best and Free FTP client Manager) has heap additional features to offer to you. Therefore let’s talk about the foremost vital of them.

Features of Free Commander One FTP

  • Commander One is 100% naturally written in SWIFT code.
  • It has got a handy button on the toolbar that displays all hidden files.
  • You can set any colors for a visually pleasing experience on the Commander One.
  • It provides you a quick mode. Where you’ll access and manage several files and folders at a time.
  • You can conjointly instantly access your favorites or folders that you already opened.
  • Commander One permits you to customize hotkeys. You’ll assign hotkeys to any action.
  • You can open multiple tabs at a time. With numerous, you won’t need to shut the folders whereas engaged on other folders.
  • It has got a convenient items selection handy tool.
  • Commander One has extraordinary zip Support. You’ll compress, extract or open it as a regular folder.

Features of fantastic pro Pack of Commander One FTP. (Free for 15 Days)

  • You can mount your IOS device as a disk in Commander One.
  • You can even mount android and mount MTP in Commander One.
  • Commander One has a connection manager. You’ll mount numerous on-line storages to your Macintosh and them as local drives.
  • It can assist you to compress and extract with Commander One.
  • You can customize your Commander One with numerous color themes.
  • Commander One has a quick emulator. That adds much-needed options in Commander One.
    It has got an inbuilt file viewer.
  • Commander One permits you to search for any variety of files and folders on any disks though it’s compressed.
  • It permits you to use Regular Expressions for additional precise search, and you’ll even create it Case Sensitive.
  • Commander One includes a Spotlight Search feature that helps you never to lose your files.
  • In Commander One you can honestly search for the words inside it with varied settings and even can opt for text coding.


In short, Commander One is one among the most effective freely available File Manager for Macintosh OS. It’s one among the best File Manager FTP clients that I have to stumble upon.

Commander One has several options that you may wish in a File Manager. All of the features mentioned Commander One in this article is good enough reasons to use it.

The best factor concerning Commander One is that you will use it for free. And if you want to require pro features of Commander One.

Then you’ll even attempt the pro features of Commander One free for 15 days. So if you prefer the pro features, then you can opt for it.

So download and Use Commander One FTP client for Macintosh OS because it’s the most effective FTP client for Macintosh OS.



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