Only throughout the release of a Bethesda game will the diacritical mark key (~) become a source of mighty power. By activating the in-game console, pc players of Fallout 4 will initiate a full slew of cheat commands to change their game experience, for better or worse. During this Fallout 4 cheats guide, we’ve compiled a list of current Fallout 4 console commands and their subsequent functions.

Should you instead need help with the other parts of the game that are not console commands, then make sure to check out our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough hub, containing walkthrough articles for quests and areas, additionally as the locations of rare and distinctive items.

How to Activate Fallout 4 Console Commands

To activate Fallout 4’s in-game console, merely press the diacritical mark key (~) on the keyboard, just beside the “1” key within the top left corner. Certain keyboards might need the apostrophe key instead if the diacritical mark (~) doesn’t work. Tapping the diacritical mark brings up a dark grey console on the lower half of the game screen which will be used to input various commands. These console commands are often used to manipulate the game in all kinds of ways. Players can instantly kill or resurrect enemies, add quantities of things to their inventory, and even alter god mode.

Keep in mind that a number of these commands may be potentially game-breaking. As a security precaution, ensure to make a save file to revert to before using these commands in the event something goes awry. Have fun!

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Fallout 4 Cheats – PC Console Commands

Each entry below indicates the command to be entered into the console, and therefore the result of that command. Note: you do not require to type the brackets once entering these into the console.

tgm God mode, for complete invulnerability.
tcl No collision with objects. Walk through walls, or just about anywhere else.
tai Turns off AI. Causes all characters to become immobile, with blank expressions.
tcai Turns off combat AI. Finally, world peace!
killall Kills off everybody within the close area, aside from Companions and other vital characters, who can instead flop to the ground in need of a stimpak.
Kill [insert ID] Kills the creature of the ID indicated.
Resurrect [insert ID] resurrects the creature indicated.
setgs fJumpHeightMin [insert number] permits players to change their jump height based on the inserted number. Higher numbers lead to higher jumps. However, the fall damage from high jumps can still kill you, thus make sure to enable god mode first.
Player .setav speedmult [insert number] A multiplier is added to your running speed, based on the inserted number.
Player .forceav carryweight [insert number] Increase carries weight capacity by the indicated number. No more being over-encumbered!
Fallout 4 Console Commands
This massive Dogmeat is the closest thing we’ll get to having our very own Clifford in Fallout 4.
setscale [insert number from 1 to 10] will increase the size of your target, or yourself, based on the indicated number. This command makes things seriously huge, as you’ll see in our screenshot above.
tfc Activates the flycam, that is ideal for aerial screenshots.
tm Toggles the UI and HUD off and on. However, this command will stop you from seeing the command console. Press the diacritical mark and type ‘tm’ again blindly to retrieve the UI. Use this in conjunction with the previous command for display-free screenshots.
sexchange offers your character a sex change. However, once you revert, your character appears to revert to the default character furthermore, which means you probably lose your face and hair customisations. Create a backup save before attempting this command just in case.
player.additem [insert item ID] [insert number] this is often the command formula to add items to your inventory based on the amount indicated by the inserted number. This may work for any item, as long as you recognise the item ID. Here are two examples:
player.additem 0000000f 2500 Adds 2500 Bottlecaps into your inventory (change the required quantity).
player.additem 0000000a 2500 Adds 2500 bobby Pins to the player’s inventory (again, change the quantity).
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Fallout 4 Console Commands
Nearly every item can be found in one of these containers.
coc qasmoke Teleports the player to a hazy, dreamlike room with a series of boxes that contain all items within the game. There’s additionally a lineup of Power Armor and numerous workbenches throughout. You can’t fast travel out of this weird world. However, you’ll at least use it as an opportunity to figure out item ID’s for commands. To work out an item’s ID, open the console and click on the item along with your mouse. This command is helpful in conjunction with the previous command.
Set timescale to [insert number] will speed up or slow down time. The game defaults to 16, with real-time being 1. Negative numbers probably slow down time.
tdetect Causes AI to no longer detect you. A pickpocket’s dream!
player.setav [skill] [number] Increase a specific ability by the indicated number amount. As an example, “player.setav charisma 10” would increase your charisma by ten ability points.
player.setlevel [insert number] bump up your character’s level to the amount indicated.
caqs this may complete all steps of the first quest, finishing the main story instantly.
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Caution: this may spoil the whole game. Use this command at your own risk, or maybe on a new character once you’ve completed the game yourself.

These are the main console commands that players have found so far, and there’ll probably be more added to the present list as they’re uncovered in the coming weeks. bear in mind to use these commands carefully, and create a backup of your game save file before using any of these, just in case.




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