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Fallout 4 Cheats & Console Commands For PC/Xbox One

Greetings, everybody. Today, I have Fallout 4 Cheats & Console Commands. Here I bring you the principal list of the most popular console commands. They range from amazingly funny ones, like set-scale to God mode, and Super Jump, and super speed. So to bring up the console, if you’re not familiar, press the “tilde” key, if you’re not using an English keyboard, it should be above the tab and below the Escape keys, with the console up, enter any command (sexchange), replacing x with the value you want to use; pretty straightforward.

So to immediately jump to level 11 type “player.setlevel 100” presenter, and then press the “tilde” key again to close the console. For some specific commands, like boosting the scale of an enemy. You have to bring up the console, click the enemy you want to big in then type “setscale 10”, or if you’re playing semi-legit to unlock a chest, bring up the console, click the lock to object, then enter “unlock”.

To spawn specific items and resources, you need to know the item code included in the list of the most common item codes, or you can enter “coc qasmoke” to get teleported to a room that has nearly every item in the game, in these boxes right here. So a lot of these console commands are holdovers from Fallout 3 and Skyrim, and more console commands are still being discovered. So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates when new hilarious console commands are discovered.

I freaking love screwing games like this. So entering your comments on any other console commands that you think I need to add to the list. I’m sure I missed some information being found every day, and let me know which one of your favorite console commands as well. Thanks for reading my content and game on.

Written by Leo Tobi


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