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Best Fallout 4 Weapon Mods Of All Time (PC/Xbox One)

Fallout is pretty fun, but what if I told you we can make it even more fun. Let’s do this.  Am going to walk you through the Best Fallout 4 Weapon Mods that I could find in not one, but two evenings, it’s going to be a real treat. Hold on to something; Here we go.

Murdering Chainsaw

Yes, this mod is called Murdering Chainsaw. There’s nothing more fun than a chainsaw on your way. Through some radioactive nasties. With a wide assortment of customization options added bonus effects can swap out your chain for more saw damage. Look at this one. He lights things on fire, the mod author TrickyVein hijacks the saw animation from the auto-matron DLC to make this one work. It’s also quite similar to the auto action of hit DLC. If you remember that Fallout 3, I mean, it’s the post-apocalypse at least a few chainsaws around my right? But on this chainsaw, you customize a few aspects like the saw teeth, the color, and how terrifying you want it to look as basically. It’s a chainsaw. This is awesome stuff. VISIT MOD

Glock 18 Pistol

I don’t care who you are, a pistol that shoots really fast, automatically is always awesome, the Glock 18 at semi-automatic counterpart Glock  17 addition to Fallout 4. this part comes with quite a few modifications such as Barrel, link grips, magazines, receivers site, and slides. Honestly, this kind of mod makes me feel like such a pro ever since I saw underworld, know that movement of the vampires and lichens and stuff. I’ve always thought of automatic pistols for the bee’s knees. This mode helps me scratch that same badassery Edge. So be sure you have a large Supply. This thing really starts to shine. Once you had the 50 round drum mag is also a little hard to control especially at a distance. Once you get close, just wipe out everything in its path. VISIT MOD

LString Bow and Arrow

The L string ever thought were all the bow and arrows at. Yeah. Well, me either, but after I saw this mod, I thought. Yeah, where are the bow and arrows at? It is pretty weird. I mean in the world almost completely devoid of all modern manufacturing. You think people will be falling back on the old trusty Longbow. But I mean whatever, Todd Howard knows best they’ll string as a variety of bows to the game, like, longbows.

Recurve Bows can compound bows as well as a huge variety of arrows. Seriously all the storm arrows are probably my favorite just like a shotgun shell of arrows and storm animations. The new Cairo is also pretty nifty. It’s like a little mini new Camaro. What more could you ask for now?

The third-person animations on this little lackluster, but I think the first-person animations more than makeup for it, a variety of sites on each of the different poses really cool to see also adds a lot to the believability of the weapon. VISIT MOD

M60 Light Machine Gun

This next weapon holds a lot of nostalgia in my heart. I watch First Blood When I was like 11, you know, the rainbow one. It was the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen. You’ve never seen the 80s or maybe you’re missing out on some serious next time you watch a movie. You need to check out either First Blood or Red down, the 1984, Invincible got a really good damage account to just tear through everything. The steps in front of you are all Vietnam-era movies is just so cool to me. You don’t see a lot in video games, which is a huge mistake. Check out the M60 and you not going to regret it. VISIT MOD

RU556 Assualt Rifle

Look at this weapon modeling. It is fantastic. The RU556 is just it’s a dream. I love this gun. It’s always my go-to gun for playing for story content. While the animations are really great, and there’s a variety of attachments that drastically change the cotton fields uses the pressure when you’re feeling sneaky, high-powered scope, and extended barrel when you’re feeling snippy, this mod has over 1 million downloads which are wild feeling tactical and want to add a little more realism to your game. Why not go check out the RU556. It may not be as crazy as many new Gatling guns, but it’s really top your weapon that every Fallout 4 needs in their font list. VISIT MOD

Gatling MIRV (Mini Nuke Launcher)

Speaking of which The Gatlin MIRV or the mini-nuke launcher. Okay. Now, this pic is so much fun, but it’s not practical at all. I’m okay with that. The mod author. Jessica basically took the Gatling laser gun, instead of lasers, made it shut up many nukes result from here.

Seriously half the time, I don’t even know where am shooting at, but It doesn’t matter. He’s gone weird. You may need to turn on God mode when you use this because the splash damage is real. He’s got more than just carry lots of stim-paks because maybe your dog is always in the way. I try to help him out, but he just does not learn. Now. I must warn you. You may crash your game. If you get too crazy with this launcher. It’s really hard not to just hammer on that trigger, whatever. You gotta try. VISIT MOD

AA-12 Shotgun

This last weapon is another trip-down nostalgia gun for me, but not for mini multiplayer games. Now, this comes all the way from Morden Warfare 2. The AA-12 Shotgun was a scutch in mini-multiplayer games, It was just so much fun sprinting around. The same way once you get a high capacity magazine or whatever. They call it on a shotgun. Nothing is gonna stand in your way. We do a variety of Cam has two-deck, this will open up the textures on this gun. Really great job on that. VISIT MOD

So, guys, that’s all for today, if you enjoy my post, kindly leave a comment, share and subscribe to my newsletter, see you guys on our next post. Peace out.

Written by Ada Eze


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