In Fallout 76, you’re expected to craft and upgrade armor once you will. While you’ll mostly notice armor as loot from killing enemies, the choice remains there to craft your own. You are going to learn How To Craft Armor

One among the first primary missions you receive can raise you to craft your first piece of armor and your first weapon. Though this quest is nonobligatory. If you’re doing this quest, ensure to look the toolbox on the table at the Overseers Camp for a few free materials to get started.

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Below, you’ll see the way to craft Armor in Fallout 76. while we’ve coated many more guides for the game which might be found here.

How To Craft Armor pieces

First, you’ll ensure you have got enough resources to craft armor. If you’re doing the ‘Craft a piece of Armor’ quest, search the toolbox on the image below. It provides some materials like leather.

How To Craft Armor

Find an Armor workbench. The first one you stumble upon are going to be at the Overseers Camp close to Vault 76. while most cities will have their armor workbench. You’ll additionally place your bench in your C.A.M.P.

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How To Craft Armor
An Armor Workbench

Inside the workbench, you’ll opt for that item of armor you would like to craft as well because the resources required. At the beginning of the game, you’ll solely be ready to craft leather armor pieces in Fallout 76.

At the workbench, you’ll additionally modify/repair items you already own by pressing space on pc. Only one player will interact with a bench at a time.



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