One of the new features adscititious to Fallout 76 is How to Use Emotes and Gestures. These enable you to speak with other players without exploitation your microphone.

How to Use Emotes and Gestures

Using an emote can make your character perform an animation, while conjointly putting a sticker on the screen which can grab other players attention. While you’re given a load of emotes at no cost, more will be bought from the atom shop in-game.

If you’re a PC Player, you’ll use emotes by holding G and selecting one from the wheel. While on PS4 and Xbox One, press down on the D-Pad.

How to Use Emotes and Gestures

Once you’ve got the emote wheel open (like on the image above), you can choose one for your character to perform. It’s doubtless that we’ll see additional emotes adscititious in the future, with players requesting additional easy ones like nods, to extreme ones together with the T-Pose.

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That’s it for this guide. If you wish to check out some additional guides for Fallout 76, you’ll look into our dedicated space here.



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