Some days past on Reddit announce that they’re presently acting on fixing of bugs and other problems and are aware of the issues the community is facing and grumbling about. They said, two patches are going to be released: On Dec 4th and 11th which can bring stability, fix performance problems, bugs and can bring other community recommended QoL updates. The patch notes weren’t released, however, some moments ago Fallout 76 patch release notes were unconcealed which you can look into below.

Fallout 76 Patch release Notes Details

Bethesda games are acknowledged for having bugs and performance issues but all the same, they create games that get love and played by innumerable players around the world. With Fallout 76 for the first time, Bethesda discharged a volatile game with virtually no content to explore within the wastelands. Leaving a nasty style in the mouths of sincere Bethesda and Fallout fans.

Fallout 76 Patch
Fallout 76 ingame screen

Another downside that the fans are grumbling about is the lack of communication from Bethesda that makes them appear as if they’re digging their own grave. Bethesda replied recently but make the reply to the community suggesting that they’re aware of this situation. Here is the glimpse of things which can be fixed or coming within the Fallout 76 patch release notes coming in three days from now:

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  • Performance: pc framerates are once more uncapped. However, reaching high framerates can not cause movement speed to extend. This was initially fixed in the Nov 19 patch.
  • Stability: The Fallout 76 game client and servers have received further stability enhancements.


  • Stash: maximum stash storage has been enlarged by 500th, to 600 pounds. This is often a conservative adjustment, and we decide to increase the storage cap more within the future once we’ve verified this modification doesn’t impact the stability of the game.


  • Enemies: XP rewards for killing high-level creatures are reduced.
  • Bosses: fixed a problem affecting instanced Boss loot. Players should now correctly receive 2-4 items per boss, counting on the creature’s difficulty and level.
  • Weapons: Roughly 200th across the board has enlarged automatic weapon damage.


  • Weapon Effects: striking another player with a Cryolator currently applies a chilled, Frosted, or Frozen status based on what number times they’re hit. The length of movement speed reductions applied by these effects has been considerably reduced.



  • Console: fixed a problem that might cause the player to encounter an infinite loading screen once signing out of their console account whereas playing Fallout 76.
  • Xbox: addressed a crash that might occur when sending multiple team invitations straightaway after exiting Vault 76 to a player who isn’t a friend.
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  • Power Armor: fixed a problem affecting Power Armor frames that might stop the player from exiting their Power Armor.
  • Nuke Silos: Flipboard within Nuke Silos no longer show parts of launch codes too soon once the codes were reset for the week.


  • C.A.M.P.: Moving C.A.M.P. locations can now properly move standalone items designed by the player into the build menu’s stored tab.
  • Workshops: On PS4, wires cannot appear to float in mid-air when trying to attach two or a lot of objects.
  • Turrets: cannot become invisible if the player isn’t present at their C.A.M.P. once their turrets are destroyed.


  • Perk Cards: Ranking up a Perk Card cannot cause a replica card to appear.


  • Teams: fixed a problem that might stop a team from being properly formed during a game world after making the team on the main Menu when each player are using new characters.
  • Teams: show durations for social notification have been reduced once several announcements are pending. This could help address a difficulty in which players failed to see that they successfully joined a team.


  • Mutations: The Electrically Charged and Unstable isotope Mutations no longer give the player with bonus Health.
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  • AFK: Players will currently be disconnected from a game world after 10 minutes of inactivity and can be prompted with a timer 1 minute before being kicked.
  • Atomic Shop: On pc, cursor position cannot be disjointed from clicks within the Atomic shop whereas using 16:10 resolutions.
  • Enemies: Red crosshairs and enemy health bars can no longer persist on-screen once an enemy is no longer in sight.
  • Localization: Subtitles can currently appear correctly, and English voiceover can play, for game shoppers in languages that don’t have their localized voiceover once listening to a Holotape or interacting with robots.
  • Pip-Boy: fixed a problem that might cause duplicate data to appear within the Pip-Boy’s Stat and Effects interfaces.
  • Respawn: Dying whereas severely overencumbered cannot take away all map markers once trying to respawn. Instead, the player will now respawn at the closest discovered Map Marker.
  • Quest Tracker: Quest objective notifications cannot appear for inactive Quests instantly upon connecting to a world.

Another patch is going to be deployed on 11th Dec. this is often better than having nothing right. I believe that Fallout 76 has the potential to become a good game however not at this moment. If Bethesda can keep acting on this game. What do you have to say concerning Fallout 76 patch release notes?



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