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Find My iPhone: Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

if you ever lost your iPhone you know exactly how much of a nightmare is to find. Apple introduced Fine My iPhone a good few years ago but in iOS 9 they made it the default app as you can see. Find My iPhone is very helpful and it’s not just for iPhone, it also works for iPad and Mac as well so that’s worth something and installing one with your products.

To do that you go to settings > iCloud > and then you scroll down to > Find My iPhone > and then you make sure that’s turned ON, now in addition to this, the worst thing that can happen is your iPhone runs out of battery while it’s lost, now ordinarily you won’t be able to track it anymore, but if you toggle on the option “Send Last Location” it will send the last location of your iPhone to apple before it dies, now you can track it while it’s OFF but it gives you some kind of indication as to where it was a lost connection.

Once you turn all that ON, you simply navigate to “Find My iPhone” app and sign in, once you log in it will locate all your devices and you should see the location of all devices. You can select any of the devices you want to track, a map will be displayed with the exact location of the device. You can go to the action tab to make your device play a sound if you actually lost it within your room.

It also has a lost mode which will display a message on the screen of the iPad or the iPhone with contact details so the person that finds the device can reach you, in the worst case if the device was actually stolen, what you can do is to erase the device by tapping the “Erase” option on the right corner, which will completely wipe the device, remove all files, contact and any personal saved information on the phone and it will also require your password to reactivate it so they can’t sell it on to someone else to use.

It’s a very handy app to have and it was one highly recommended to installing and using as soon as you get a new iPhone iPad or Mac. For more iPhone, iPad, or iMac tips make sure you check out our latest post, don’t forget to share this post, subscribe to our newsletter so that you won’t miss any new post from our blog. Thanks

Written by Ada Eze


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