Epic has announced the Fortnite 6.31 patch notes, delivering details on a brand new Team Rumble restricted time mode, new Epic and Legendary rarities for the pump shotgun, and on the Save the planet aspect of the game, some new missions, equipment, and a Legendary builder named Airheart. read more about Fortnite Patch Notes below.

Team Rumble is essentially a straight-up Team Deathmatch mode: 2 squads of twenty players every square up during a race to be the first to succeed in one hundred kills. Eliminated players can spawn a random sort of ammo after they go down, together with a random stack of wood, stone, or metal, and can respawn after 5 seconds with their inventories intact.

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The Fortnite Patch Notes additionally have details on the new shotgun rarities and pump shotgun buff that James dug into yesterday. The Epic variant can do 105 maximum damage whereas the Legendary will pump out 110, and shotguns can currently apply a minimum of 3 pellets of damage, even though fewer strike the target. The essential pump shotgun’s most damage has been accumulated from 85/90 to 95/100. However, the damage can currently fall off faster, creating it more of a situational weapon.

The Mounted Turret has been modified up significantly and can currently drop much less frequently than it accustomed. The in-air speed of the glider redeploy feature has been cut out, players can now be able to place map markers while not having to open the full-screen map, and it’s current potential to choose up lit sticks of dynamite and throw them back at other players, that ought to bring some attention-grabbing moments.

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Fortnite Patch Notes

For those of you with a preference for the Save the world survival mode, canny valley Act 2 is currently in situ, with twenty-one new quests, a Wild West-themed ghost town “sub-biome,” and new story characters. The new hero, Airheart, will deploy the “Rotating Omni-directional sentry Integrated Exoskeleton”—that’s ROSIE—which allies will enter and fire at will.

There’s conjointly a brand new shovel coming back to the Weekly Store known as Six Feet Under, “a creepy round-point shovel that appears like it has been used to obtain terrible secrets.” it’ll be available from 7 pm ET on November 29 to an equivalent time on Dec 5. Fortnite Patch Notes Full details and everything else is up at epicgames.com.

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