Gadget Giveaway

Gadget Giveaway v1.0 – PlayStation 4 Video Game Console

To enter this Gadget Giveaway, you only need to score entries by following the instructions given in the widget below: a Rafflecopter giveaway Here are a few things to note: 1. Entries close on...
Fallout 76 Patch

Fallout 76 Patch Release Notes – Lots of Fixes inbound

Some days past on Reddit announce that they're presently acting on fixing of bugs and other problems and are aware of the issues the community is facing and grumbling about. They...
Latest Gaming Phone

Nubia’s Latest Gaming Phone Comes With 10GB of RAM

Latest Gaming Phone has return a protracted way from Candy Crush, with a lot of graphically intense games and esports returning to smartphones in recent years. Chinese manufacturer Nubia is trying...
Find Challenges Earn Atoms

Fallout 76: Where to Find Challenges And Earn Atoms

When taking part in Fallout 76, you'll complete (Find Challenges) challenges which can earn you atoms, which may be spent within the shop on cosmetic items. While you may arbitrarily complete...
level Pokemon quickly

Pokemon Lets Go: How to level Pokemon quickly

In Pokemon Let’s Go, the very best level your pokemon will reach is 99. However, attending to that point isn't any simple accomplishment. It can be time-consuming to induce a range...
Repair Weapons

Fallout 76: How to Repair Weapons

Weapons you discover within the wasteland of Fallout 76 are possible to be already damaged slightly. While using weapons will also make their condition slowly deteriorate, affecting their usability. you are...
Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Lets Go: How to transfer Pokemon

Is your Pokemon box on Pokemon Let’s Go getting full? If so, it’s time to transfer your spare pokemon over to Prof Oak. This feature will be arduous to find however...
Fortnite Patch Notes

Fortnite Patch Notes: 6.31 Patch Notes Detail

Epic has announced the Fortnite 6.31 patch notes, delivering details on a brand new Team Rumble restricted time mode, new Epic and Legendary rarities for the pump shotgun, and on the...
Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018: Tips To Video Game Deals

Black Friday 2018 is quite a period away. However, retailers like Amazon and Walmart are already rolling out deals on this year’s popular video games and consoles. While we’ll wait till November....
How to Use Emotes & Gestures

Fallout 76: How to Use Emotes and Gestures

One of the new features adscititious to Fallout 76 is How to Use Emotes and Gestures. These enable you to speak with other players without exploitation your microphone. Using an emote can...
How To Craft Armor

Fallout 76: How To Craft Armor

In Fallout 76, you're expected to craft and upgrade armor once you will. While you’ll mostly notice armor as loot from killing enemies, the choice remains there to craft your own....
PlayStation 5 Specifications

Sony PlayStation 5 Specifications And Price

Reddit user RuthenicCookie appears to own high friends in high places as he manages to create a daring call on the /r/PS4 subreddit stating with the boldness that Sony won't be...
get more Pokeballs

Pokemon Let’s Go: How to get more Pokeballs

You might reach some extent in Pokemon Let’s Go where you’re running low on things or want to get more Pokeballs. Apart from finding them whereas exploring, the best way to...
Fallout 76 Review

Pokemon Let’s Go: How to sync Poke Ball Plus with Switch

So you’ve got your brand-spanking new Poke Ball plus controller accessory and need to pair or synchronize it together with your Nintendo Switch and find a free Mew as well. No need...

Pokemon Let’s Go: How to find a Pokecenter

During your Pokemon Lets Go journey, you’ll realize that your pokemon would like healing. Fortunately, the workers at the Pokecenter are prepared and waiting to heal them up. Follow this quick...