High Paying Jobs in Canada for Africans.

Yearly, the number of Africans in the diaspora gains more figures as they emigrate from their countries of birth for various reasons. Most times, people travel abroad to visit family members or spend holidays.

For many Africans, moving out of the country is to search for greener pastures. It is believed that the African economy is not favorable, so almost everyone wants to get out of their country by all means possible.


However, it wouldn’t make much sense if after getting out of the country, you don’t find a job that favors you well. So, you should garner enough information about work in your target destination.

High Paying jobs in Canada for Africans

For Africans who plan to migrate into Canada, and are thinking of high-paying jobs available in the country, this article will answer all questions regarding that.


I will provide a list of high-paying jobs in Canada and how you can get access to them as an African. Please be aware that the job opportunity will be strictly for Africans.

Top 10 Highest paid jobs in Canada for Africans.

1. Surgeons.

The health sector is a vital part of the economy of any country, so it tends to be the one that pays its workers best. This happens everywhere, including in Africa itself.

The only difference is that the health workers in Africa won’t get a take-home up to those in Canada. So, it’s a better choice to migrate to Canada for such a reason.


Surgeons are highly paid in Canada. If you are a surgeon and work in Africa, looking for a country that can reward you better, then you can choose to use your skills in Canada.

Research has shown that surgeons in Canada are paid as much as Three hundred and thirty Canadian dollars (330,000 CAD) on a yearly scale. This is why it is the most paid job in Canada at the moment.

2. Dentists.

Also belonging to the Health sector, dentists are paid an average of Two hundred and ninety thousand dollars (290,000 CAD) annually. In essence, we can say doctors are highly paid in Canada.


At the moment, Canada is running a Visa program that allows doctors from Africa, especially Nigeria enter the country without having to go through too complex procedures.

As time goes on, there will be an increasing demand for medical practitioners, especially those highlighted above. So, if you are a health worker in Africa, you should start considering moving to Canada.

3. Psychiatrists

With the ever-growing figures of mental cases in Canada, there is a proportional increase in the demand for specialists to help manage this illness.

Specialists in this field are known as Psychiatrists. Their job is to manage and treat mental illness. Since they also belong to the medical field, they are amongst the highest-paying jobs in Canada.

From research, we found out Psychiatrists receive from 260,000 CAD to 290,000 CAD annually. This is a large figure and is quite a good start for medical practitioners with little experience.

4. Petroleum Engineer.

According to Wikipedia, Petroleum production in Canada is a major industry that is important to the economy of North America.

Canada owns the third-largest oil reserve in the world and is the world’s fourth-largest oil producer and fourth-largest oil exporter in the world. All these details keep telling a message.

From this info, we can tell that Canada will be in high demand of specialists in the petroleum production field. These are those involved in the extraction, storage, separation, and everything related to petroleum.

Petroleum engineers are paid an average of Two hundred and eight thousand Canadian dollars (208,000 CAD) yearly. It is believed petroleum engineers from Africa will have enough experience in this field, judging from the fact that Africa is the largest oil-producing continent in the world.

5. IT Managers.

Tech is gradually becoming the next big thing, not only in Canada but in every part of the world. From Front end devs to back-end devs, to web and product designers to bloggers to web developers, these fields attract a huge pay.

Even with the fact that IT managers do most of their work on a computer system, they get as much as 200,000 CAD annually. That’s a very huge sum of money when compared to jobs like surgery and dentistry.

6. Marketing Managers.

Marketing Managers have an undeniable role to play to ensure the smooth running of a business brand. This position must be occupied by someone capable of the responsibilities that come with it.

After production, products/services must get to the final consumers. This can only be done with the help of Marketing Managers. They create a bridge between the brand and the consumers.

Marketing Managers earn an estimated value of 190,000 CAD every year. Compared to the amount of work they have to put in, the pay is fair enough.

7. Pilots.

This is not a very common occupation, which is why there is a high demand for it. International airlines will need pilots to operate.

They are paid around 190,000 CAD yearly. I feel this amount is relatively low when compared to the amount of work they do. If the pay is increased to 200,000 – 250,000 CAD, then I think that’s fair enough.

8. Lawyers.

Unlike Africa, lawyers are in very high demand in North America, especially Canada. The profession is quite similar to medicine, making it a very important one.

Lawyers are paid an average of 192,000 Canadian dollars yearly in Canada. This figure was derived from the payments of officials working with the government and not the private sector.

Other high paying jobs in Canada for Africans include;

  • Sales Manager
  • Business Operations manager.

The African market for the professions listed above is relatively low when compared with that of Canada. This shows that there is a better economy for you in the country.

You don’t need to waste any more time. Get a visa and migrate to Canada now, and get paid better for your skills and services.



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