The new installment within the Battlefield series, Battlefield V, is forthcoming this Thursday that’s, 15th November 2018. However, those who have pre-ordered the game through Origin, they will play the game on the idea of their subscription. With the new game unleash, there are bound to be some issues like performance issues, low GPU usage and so much to come. If you’re taking part in Battlefield V through early access and despite having a decent PC you’re facing FTS issues in Battlefield V, you can attempt a number of the tweaks and tips mentioned down below to Boost FPS in Battlefield.

How to Boost FPS in Battlefield V

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I have seen many threads of people complaining about the FPS problems in Battlefield V. Many of them had PCs which fulfills all of the requirement the game asks for. Here are some tips to increase the performance of the game:

  • Set Prerendering Frames to ON. For this go to the options in the menu during playing. Then go to the video option and scroll down and find this option

After setting Prerendering frames to the band still, the game feels laggy try:

  • Limit FPS to “Monitor Refresh Rate.” [In the game when choosing your resolution it also lets you select the refresh rate]
  • You can also, Disable Memory restriction, DX12, and VSync.
  • Another option in the Video is the future Frame Rendering option. Initially, the choice is set to off, and many people said that their GPU would not be fully utilized until they turn ON this option and have instant 20-30 FPS boost.
  • You can also reduce the Game’s max fps limit to lower. If you get 80-110FPS in game, then setting the maximum FPS to 95 or 100 will free up a bit for the CPU for Windows and whatever else you are doing making the game run smoother.
  • Increasing the priority of the game might also help in getting an FPS boost. Follow this link for the guide.
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Let me know in the comments down below if following these steps helped you in getting an FPS boost in Battlefield V.



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