Mobile gaming is recouping with higher quality games that are developed for our phones. We’re currently seeing much full quality PC & Console Games being ported over to the mobile platform with the recent additions of Fortnite & PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and that is why we are going to discuss on How To Fix PUBG Game Lag.

Firstly, these games are of higher quality and comprise massive elaborated worlds. Not solely that, you have got to render in alternative players, unnumberable animations and much more. Sadly, all this work is also inflicting the game and could stutter and Fix PUBG Game Lag on your phone.

That’s why during this guide, we’re about to offer some tips & tricks to Fix PUBG Game Lag and run smoother on your iOS phone! These fixes principally comprise lowering the graphics settings. If you’re running an older phone, you’ll sadly be out of luck.

Gaming on mobiles is becoming more demanding

If you’re noticing that your phone is hot once playing PUBG, it’s nothing to stress about, take a prospect and let it cool down. This is often common with most games and resource intensive apps.

If you’re tormented by high ping, which suggests your bullets aren’t firing at the exact moment after you faucet, then you would like to resolve any internet problems. We’ll elaborate this drawback at the very bottom of this post.

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Optimizing PUBG Mobile and Fix PUBG Game Lag

PUBG provides heaps of control over the improvement of the game. You’ll be able to reach these controls by heading into the Settings menu, that you’ll get to by clicking the cog icon within the high right of the home screen.

Then, open up the ‘Graphics’ tab. If you don’t have the insight to induce access to this menu, the screenshot below will guide you.

Open the settings menu by clicking this icon

First, set the graphics to ‘Smooth.’ This may fix the graphics in-game to the lowest, and probably cut render distance. In turn, this will make the game run pretty more excellent by increasing your FPS and reducing any lag.

The ‘Style’ setting shouldn’t make much distinction to the game. However, you ought to still set it to No Style just in case. You’ll be able to take a look-up for yourself whether or not this makes the game run better.

Set the ‘Frame Rate’ setting to Low. You’re in all probability thinking that setting it to High is sensible. Setting the Frame Rate to low can cut the number of resources the game needs, creating it additional stable while reducing heat and battery consumption!

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Finally, you can choose to enable auto-adjust graphics. This setting can mechanically lower the games settings to make it run quicker.

Best settings for FPS & Lag in PUBG Mobile


Other steps you’ll be able to take is to restart your phone, then play it once more. This will force a tough reset of your phone and ensure that any errors or issues you are facing are resolved.

Check to make sure no apps or supernumerary services area unit running within the background, as they might be expenditure some much-needed resources.

Just open up your app oppressor and shut all alternative apps. You ought to do that as they’ll be expenditure a number of your phones mainframe, inflicting significant frame drops and stammering in-game.

If all else fails, it’s doable that your phone isn’t powerful enough. Mobile games have become additionally advanced and reaching higher standards.

The cost of this is often the necessity for the newest technology. That isn’t reasonable to everybody straight away sadly.


Another style of lag that you just can be facing is high ping or packet loss. What this primarily means is that after you do an action, it’s to be sent to the server. Your ping is however extended it takes to achieve the server and indeed happen.

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If you have got a thousand (1000) ping and faucet to shoot your weapon, it isn’t going to fire till one second later. Just about all online games use ping, and having low ping may be a demand for all the world that encompasses a competitive side to that.

The usual quantity of ping is somewhere between 10 and 100. Any more than a hundred and it positively becomes noticeable.

The most comfortable thanks to fixing it’d be by ensuring you’re connected to the proper server in PUBG Mobile. On the home screen, you’ll be able to opt for your server within the high left of the menu. If you’re based mostly within the USA, opt for North America. Europeans opt for Europe etc.

If this doesn’t facilitate, or you’re already connected to the proper server, it’s probably dragged along with your network. If someone is downloading in your home, whether or not it’s media or directly updates, it will expend all of your information measures and cause high ping.

You’re best asking around and seeing if anyone is downloading. Check your own devices too. Steam change games may be an example. Finally, you’ll be able to attempt to restart your router.



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