Everyone is here! They are. Seventy-four characters are obtainable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Create that 76 with Piranha Plant and Joker from Persona 5, coming early next year. Until then, it’s most likely for the simplest that you work on unlocking all of those characters so you can have the first absurd battles potential with your friends.

Alas, in an homage to the first game, Smash ultimate starts you out with a measly eight characters. This implies that it’s going to be a long time before you hit that fabled 74 if you don’t understand what you’re doing. Luckily, that’s what this guide is for. Let’s begin!

Method 1: World of light

74 characters

This is a reasonably slow burn. However, it’s worth knowing that playing through World of light may be a secured means to unlock characters in ultimate. As you venture through the board game-esque overworld to fight Galeem, you may stumble upon tonnes of fun spirit battles but also the occasional fighter who has to be ‘awakened’ through the throes of battle.

Often, these fighters are going to be hard to access because of a gauntlet of spirit battles standing between your character and also the icon, or typically a spirit puzzle, where you have to defeat a particular character to use them later to unlock a route through. To get to Captain Falcon, for instance, you need to beat another F-Zero pilot so they will navigate a circuit to his icon.

All of these variables add up. Therefore if you’re looking to unlock the complete list fast, this might not be the best technique. However, if you don’t mind waiting and want to enjoy the story as much as possible, the world of light method is worthwhile. Also, if you’re struggling to fight challengers in other modes, World of light permits you to drop the difficulty and rematch virtually instantly, which means you don’t have to deal with Luigi side-smashing you into oblivion and the pain fades to black that follows.

Method 2: Classic Mode

74 characters

If you’ve competed a previous Smash installment, you’re presumably aware of Classic Mode. It’s primarily a regular gauntlet where the chosen character has to create their way through a set of various fights before racing through a bonus round and defeating the boss. You can select the ‘intensity’ at which you play to cater to your ability, and therefore the difficulty can scale as you play and provide a good challenge.

In ultimate, you begin with the original eight characters from the first Super Smash Bros., with entirely different challengers appearing after completion depending on who you choose to play through Classic Mode with. Now, this is spoiler territory. However, a Reddit user posted an especially useful table to consult if you want to speed through and obtain your main. Don’t look if you wish to go through the motions at your own pace. However, it’s undeniably the most useful resource if you’re trying to unlock the characters you want.

Who you unlock is preset based on who you play through Classic Mode with. This is often a much faster technique than World of light, especially if you wish to cater your roster to the character’s you’re most interested in.

Method 3: Challenger’s Approach

74 characters

One of the most disputable additions to Super Smash Bros. ultimate is the Challenger’s Approach mode, that seems like a bit icon within the bottom right of the Games section. You may eventually receive a notification regarding it once you’ve unlocked some characters and spent some of the hours with the game.

Challenger’s Approach is a time-saving roster unlock technique bound up in a game mode. More often than not (unless you’re a professional) new challengers are aiming to catch you off guard with their moveset and send you moving back to the main menu.

Challenger’s Approach allows you to boot up a rapid rematch where you’ll be able to select the character you play as. This implies you’ll be able to pick your main and acquire revenge on the fighter that despised you. It’s a pleasant way to mitigate the random encounters from previous games. However, it’s not perpetually there when you need it. If the tiny gate icon doesn’t appear, merely play something else for a moment and come back to take on the contender. If you’ve failed to defeat multiple challengers in a row, Challenger’s Approach will cycle through these characters when you play it, that adds a dimension of fun.

Method 4: Game the system

74 characters

Outside of merely playing the game with friends and letting the characters naturally unlock, there are no other direct means to pick up new fighters. However, there’s a sneaky way to game the system that has been circulating online. Honest warning though, it does kind of ruin the fun.

Alas, If you’re keen to finish the roster sooner rather than later, you’re going to want to wait until you fight a new contender. Once you’ve completed the battle and you’re back on the main menu, merely hit the home button on your Switch, press X and then choose to close the software.

Boot the game back up and head into a Smash battle. Find out a ruleset that will create this match as quick as possible (1 stock or low time limit ought to do the trick,) so fall off of the stage or quickly wipe out your opponent with a smash attack or two.

After the results screen, you should hit another contender Approaching screen with a brand new character, different from the one you just faced. No matter whether you win or lose, your new friends will be saved up within the Challenger’s Approach mode for you to try later. Keep at it, and you’ll hit the elusive 74 in no time.




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