KFC Gaming Console: Better Than PlayStation And Xbox

KFC Console | Way Much Better Than PlayStation And Xbox This Is Why

KFC Gaming Console: Better Than PlayStation And Xbox? We live in an era where new inventions don’t surprise us because that’s something normal. If Apple Inc decides to release a phone with no home button and then sell the solution by coming up with a home button, plug-in. They can prove to be convenient to the whole population who use it, while you can never see the limit of what we humans can’t think of doing. But today, we’re talking about nothing that seems to be expected by any of us. And as you already know, 2020 didn’t let go of any chance of leaving our startled.

Here is a brand new KFC Gaming Console.

So if you hear someone saying fast-food chain KFC is launching a gaming console that warms up chicken, you heard them right. Stay until the end so you can be the first to know how this KFC Gaming Console will work, you won’t believe it. So let’s start from the very beginning, back in June 2020, after the PS5 reveal.

KFC released a trailer for their first-ever gaming console, and guess what, everyone thought they were joking because trust me, that’s the least expected invention for anyone. Well, it turned out to be damn true because here we are discussing the new KFC Gaming Console. The chicken place has teamed up with Cooler Master and launched a gaming console.

We all know that the world console is a never-ending demand, but the KFC Gaming Console caught us out of the blue, before getting into the specs of designs, let’s get one thing sticking our mind clear, yes. This machine is capable of running all the newest games at top-level specs. The company announced itself that the console was designed by a Global Hardware maker and could play top-level games like other gaming machines, out of every other feature or characteristic every gaming console ever has, the one that KFC came up with can’t be seen anywhere.

KFC Gaming Console

Well, maybe that’s what happens when you really use 100% of your brain for a short 10 seconds, you get a gaming console that warms up chicken for you. According to KFC, the chicken chamber will keep its contents hot ready for consumption during intense gaming sessions and that statement is for those people who thought the gaming console was a spoof marketing campaign when it was revealed in Jude. We can’t thank AFC for serving us with the best of the chicken and providing us with a custom-built cooling system that uses heat produced by its components to warm the chicken chamber. No doubt, KFC got its own take on the gaming industry and is left most of us startled by combining chicken and video games.

Just imagine the winner-winner chicken dinner with real chicken lying inside your console all heated up. It’s indeed wonderful how the console actually works, this system incorporates a chicken chamber to keep the console cool while simultaneously keeping meals warm. As much as it sounds crazy. It’ll definitely look cool having such a console on your tables, trust me, I’m standing with that side of the world who loves it. Is another thing worth noticing is the fact how the console is reminiscent of the shape of an iconic KFC bargain bucket and why not? I bet you haven’t even thought of that half. This console resembling the shape of a bargain bucket has made its own position in the gaming industry that combines chicken and video games.

Brief Spec Of KFC Gaming Console

A custom Cooler Master NC100 Chassis, it contains an Intel Nook 9 extreme compute element as well as a swappable GPU slot, which means there’s a slot for a GPU that can be changed, that’s cool. What else does the KFC console get? The console can boot up, and download games within seconds with the power of 2 Seagate Barracuda 1TB solid-state drives. We can see that the console lacks nothing from what PS5 or the new Xbox series X offer, rather it got a heating chamber for your taste buds which I can’t stop mentioning again, and again.

Do you know what else excites me? Other statistics show that the system is ready for VR as compatibility to run games at 240 frames per second with an output of 240-hertz and also includes 4K games with Ray tracing.

According to Cooler Master, there is never been a tastier way to experience the latest items and stunning 4K, 240fps. This social media leader KFC UK and Ireland Mark Achievers, Proclaim that if Sony or Microsoft need any tips on how to engineer a chicken chamber for their efforts next time, they’d be welcome to get in touch. He also mentioned the KFC Gaming Console to be their Flagship entry in this vicious war of consoles, the KFC Gaming Console advertising campaign began in June and gain more than 11 million views on the KFC gaming Twitter page, but it was all followed up by KFC confirming its partnership with a global hard-ware manufacturer Cooler Master to develop the console, and then undoubtedly went through multiple stages of development which included custom-built casing, creating the unique cooling system and integrating the signature chicken chamber.

One thing that needs discussion is the fact that there’s no mention of a disk drive in this thing. So it might turn out to be digital-only console cousins from Sony and Microsoft, yet an earlier look at the console zoomed in on an apparent disk drive leaving us the two theories. One, either that’s disappeared in the actual making of this thing, second, or there will be a disc version and a digital version. Regardless, neither KFC nor Cooler Master is mentioned that disk drive by name, brand horseback.

Watch out for PS5 and Xbox series X.

The KFC Gaming Console is real and it is being called the end of console Wars. What are your perspectives about this new-gen console competing against every other console ever? Well, it could be easy to dismiss the reveal with no release date price or Hands-On coverage because that’s how it works. We still know the Intel CPU alone is valued at $1,500. So hear me out. You can expect a KFC Gaming Console will come in at a price of $2,000. You heard me right, That’s a big price tag for the gaming system.

Whatever the price is Mark Cheever said he’s pleased to finally give the fans exactly what they wanted. One thing’s for sure, the KFC Gaming Console is ready to kill all the other competitors. How many of you have decided to give the new-gen console a try. Would you like to eat crisps chicken while you’re playing?

Do let me know in the comment section down below because there’s going to be a long debate on the KFC Gaming Console, and other consoles. Until next time, please share, subscribe to our newsletter, and remember, it’s not the luxury you get, but the luxury you deserve and while you’re still around.

Written by Ada Eze


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