Wild Cocoon is one among the necessities for crafting a fishing rod in My Time at Portia. You may be needing this to complete a quest where you’ve got to craft one for a resident. So let’s discuss about How To Get Wild Cocoon.

The game states that you will retrieve these from randomly kicking trees. Though I’ve noticed that it solely works on one type of tree. Specifically, one that’s right by your hut.

Below, we’ve got some screenshots that show the location of the tree where you’ll be able to collect Wild Cocoons. If you wish to check out some additional guides for My Time at Portia, explore our dedicated area here!


The tree that drops Wild Cocoon is far more extensive than other trees and has thicker branches that stick out to the side. Below, you’ll be able to see the kind of tree that you need to find. There’s one behind your hut and to the left, close to the town’s walls.

My Time at Portia Get Wild Cocoon

Once at the tree, you’ll be able to begin kicking it. Kicking uses up stamina and might be done again and again.

My Time at Portia Get Wild Cocoon

Eventually, a Wild Cocoon can drop while you may get other helpful items like honeybee wax and honey. The Wild Cocoons have quite a high drop rate. Therefore you shouldn’t have any issues finding one.

My Time at Portia Get Wild Cocoon

There is a limit to how much the tree can drop, and you may need to come back the subsequent day.



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