Update: a new tech may allow Apple to shrink the notch on the New iPhone 11. Plus, we could have had our initial look at the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 max, and also the pictures show a triple-lens camera.

The iPhone 11 release date will not be until September. However, there is already tons of interest within the next new iPhone and what Apple could have in store for us later this year.

The new iPhone 11 is about to be a much more significant upgrade than the progressive iPhone XS, though we do not expect the new iPhone to reinvigorate Apple’s smartphone line because it was solely recently rebooted by the iPhone X in 2017.

However, with news that Apple is not selling as several iPhones as antecedent forecast, maybe the iPhone 11 will supply a cheaper tack on the firm’s famous flagship.

The iPhone 11 launch date is today, September 12, which implies there remarkably isn’t long until we find out precisely what Apple has in store for us.

With three iPhones launched in 2018, we expect Apple to repeat the trifecta this year with the iPhone 11 probably launching alongside the iPhone 11 max and also the iPhone 11R (names TBC).

So what new features will the iPhone 11 have, and can it still have a notch? Let’s investigate what we expect from Apple’s next flagship iPhone.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The iPhone 11 will be Apple’s next flagship
  • When is it out? The launch is probably going to be mid-September 2019
  • What will it cost? possible no more than last year’s iPhone XS

New iPhone 11

New iPhone 11 leaks and the latest news

It may still be many months away. However new iPhone 11 leaks have begun to appear on the net slowly.

For one thing, we’ve already seen renders (shown below) showing the back of one of the models – probably the iPhone 11 max.

The renders show a triple-lens camera (up from a dual-lens one on the current model) in a vast camera block. They conjointly show a likely glass back and also the same arrangement of buttons as the iPhone XS.

The supply of the pictures added that three new iPhone models are within the works – successors to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and iPhone XR.

We’d take these pictures with a pinch of salt though, as whereas they are available from a reasonably reliable source (and another informant has conjointly claimed they are accurate), it’s incredibly early to be getting renders. Notwithstanding they’re correct, the design might change before launch.

In other news, one report points to the inclusion of Sony’s next-gen 3D sensors within the new iPhone, that might successively provide faster face unlock, better Portrait mode depth sensing and a few potentially cool 3D modelling features and Augmented Reality (AR) implementations.

As well as a far better front-facing camera though, the iPhone 11 might conjointly pack the snapper and related sensors into a smaller notch, as a new tech created by one of Apple’s camera component suppliers allows for some of the sensors to be placed below the screen.

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There’s no confirmation that Apple will use this tech. However, we’d expect the company is going to be searching for ways in which to shrink the notch.

Meanwhile, another iPhone 11 leak suggests the new handsets might support input from the Apple Pencil that presently only works with iPads.

Apple sometimes introduces a new chipset with its new iPhone launches, and also the A13 chip is being touted for the iPhone 11, with analysts claiming a manufacturer is already lined up to provide the A13 chip.

New iPhone 11 release date

  • iPhone 11 launch date: mid-September 2019
  • iPhone 11 pre-order date: Mid- September 2019
  • iPhone 11 release date: Late September 2019

The iPhone 11 launch date might be a bit later than previous years, as Europe’s biggest tech show, IFA 2019 in Berlin, is about to run from September 6-11 this year – which may see Apple defer its new iPhone launch to the subsequent week.

That means we might be staring at a potential iPhone 11 launch date of either September 17 or September 18, counting on whether or not Apple plumps for a Tuesday or Wednesday – both days are used in recent years.

Apple hadn’t launched an iPhone this late since 2011, when it announced the iPhone 4S on October 4, and we expect the Cupertino, California based firm to stick with a September arrival for the new iPhone in 2019.

As for the iPhone 11 pre-order date, Apple tends to open them on the Friday following the launch, which would be September 20 by our calculations.

Finally, the new iPhone 11 release date – the day when you will indeed be able to get your hands on the phone for the first time – could be merely a week after the pre-orders open, therefore September 27 if our analysis is correct.

These dates might quite easily shift though, and we would not be shocked if Apple followed more recent tradition and launched the new iPhone 11 on September 10.

New iPhone 11 price

  • iPhone 11 worth probably to start around $999 (£999, AU$1,579)
  • There could be a new price strategy

Even without the official iPhone 11 price, we all know it’s going to cost a lot. After all, Apple priced the iPhone XS and iPhone X starting at $999 (£999, AU$1,579). We might see the same costs for the iPhone 11.

With news that Apple is not selling as many iPhones because it antecedently forecasts, there is a probability the iPhone 11 worth will offer a more affordable look – though we reckon a price freeze, instead of a reduction, is a more likely move by Apple.

It could mean good news for the successor to the well-received iPhone XR, with the main complaint concerning the first phone being it was still a bit steep price-wise. If Apple will reduce the price on the iPhone 11R, it’s going to facilitate soften a lofty iPhone 11 price tag.

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New iPhone, iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

What will Apple call the new iPhone 11? it is a puzzling problem, and there is a range of different options for Apple to probably pick from.

It appears Apple has backed itself into somewhat of a naming corner with the new XS, XS max and XR monikers – therefore where does it go from here?

Will it continue Roman numerals, revert to traditional digits, or ditch them all together? At this stage, with sparse new iPhone leaks around, nothing is off the table.

At this moment in time, we’re seeing most of you searching for ‘new iPhone,’ and that is a powerful contender. Apple has already ditched numbered increments for Macintosh, Macbooks, TV, and iPads, so new iPhone would be a logical next step.

However, the numbers are an excellent way to distinguish new devices from old, so both iPhone 11 and iPhone XI are considerably in the running. Apple never did provide us an iPhone 9 though – with the iPhone 8 the final digit before the ‘X’ revolution – therefore going back to ’11’ may look a bit odd.

New iPhone 11
The iPhone XS and XS Max are great, but there’s still room for improvement

New iPhone 11: what we would like to see

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS max are great smartphones. However there is perpetually room for improvement, and human nature wishes more every time – which implies Apple has to shake a couple of things up.

Here at Geekhob we like to think of the whole tech community as one great, a massive family who facilitate each other out, therefore we’ve come up with a couple of upgrades we reckon would go down a treat on the new iPhone.

1. No notch (or, at least, a smaller one)

Love it or hate it, the groove has taken the smartphone world by storm, with a sharp influx within the design aesthetic after the arrival of the iPhone X – but it appears many of the competition have already surpassed Apple’s implementation.

The Apple notch is distinctive due to its size. However, that is conjointly its Achilles heel. It takes up a large amount of space on the top of the screen whereas we seen android manufacturers bring us dew-drop screens that are sole as large a single front-facing camera.

What’s preventing the notch from merely being ditched is all the tech Apple has crammed into it, and getting rid of it ultimately might mean a loss of some options – like Face ID.

Apple will most likely relocate the microphone, proximity sensor, and speaker, that in turn might even see a reduction in the size of the notch – which might be a step in the right direction.

But, no notch would be the killer look – with a clean, elegant design that may sure turn heads.

New iPhone 11
The notch is big… imagine if it wasn’t there on the new iPhone

2. a new style

The current style of the XS and XS max is amazing – solid, premium and sleek; it’s one among the fascinating looks on the market, therefore is it nervy of us to ask for something new? We do not assume so.

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Apple’s used a similar style for the past two generations, and to avoid the new iPhone 11 being branded another following update, a contemporary new look would facilitate.

If Apple ditches the notch as we’ve so very kindly asked for above, that will be the first step towards a new style. However we’d wish to see it go further,

It’s already removed the headphone jack and home button. Therefore our focus is currently on the alert slider, volume buttons, and power key.

We’ve seen HTC and Google implement squeezable sides on their phones, and if Apple hones this technology to make it even more user friending, it can be the end of any physical button or turn on the phone.

3. better battery life

We say this every year. However, the fact remains that iPhones still aren’t the strongest performers when it involves battery life.

The iPhone XS provided an improvement in the battery over the iPhone X, however as we noted in our review, it’s still “a long way from the best on the market.”

It’s time Apple remarkably need to grips with battery life, giving the new iPhone 11 a power pack that may see it well through one day and into the next without a panic about finding a charger overnight.

Battery technology is not going to offer us the multiple days of battery life we saw from feature phones back in the early 2000s. However, an iPhone that would stretch to two days from a single charge would immensely get folks talking.

4. eSIM only

The latest spherical of iPhones (the XS and co.) provide dual SIM capabilities. However, they’ll solely hold one physical SIM. That is as a result of the other one is an eSIM, that is built into the phone and might be allotted to a network upon activation.

Having to slide a SIM card into a new phone feels slightly old fashioned in 2019. Therefore we’d prefer to see the physical card ditched in favor of a dual eSIM setup within the new iPhone 11.

We’d conjointly need a straightforward to use the setting that enables us to jump onto a network of our selecting at a tariff of our choice and, more significantly, be able to switch to a different network when our current deal expires.

Plus, it might conjointly mean the removal of the SIM tray, permitting a sleeker style and probably freeing up some precious additional space within the phone for new options (or additional battery!).

This is solely partly on Apple but, as carriers around the world would have to support eSIM technology and at the moment exclusively some do so.

However, with the introduction of 5G in 2019 and the presence of eSIM already within one generation of iPhone, this ask is not entirely out of the question.



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