PC vs console gaming? The talk continues on that one offers the most effective worth and skill for the buyer. So, however, we tend to say that one is healthier than the other objectively? It’s a matter of private preference and style. Does one just like the simplicity and practical gaming experience of the most recent consoles or like better to hack out deep strategy games on a pleasant gaming PC?

Both console and PC gaming have their several benefits. As explored in previous articles, PC gaming provides the gamer the chance to mod games and luxuriate in endless backward compatibility. Console gaming, on the opposite hand, is accessible and straightforward. In the end, it’s your cash, free time and selection. So, whether or not you prefer Texas Hold ‘em or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, this text explores a lot of the positives of PC gaming to assist you to form your call.

The Cost of PC gaming Decreasing

The costs related to PC gaming are decreasing. Still, it’s far more costly for the initial hardware purchases than it’s to shop for a replacement console. Meaning, you can’t build an honest gaming PC for $300. However, the hardware is currently cheaper than ever, and you’ll be able to expect to create a robust and capable machine for $600 – $900.

To illustrate this, you’ll be able to acquire AN 8-core processor for around $350 currently. A Ryzen-3 quad-core chip can set you back around $110. Graphics cards are presently on the market for approximately $120, although $200 can provide you with graphics process that outperforms the PS4 professional. You’ll be able to notice AN AM4 motherboard for around $110 conjointly. And whereas there are some alternative bits to think about, like further cooling fans, keyboards, and screens, you’ll be able to see that the value isn’t an excessive amount of over a spic-and-span console — maybe around double.

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Though the hardware is cheaper and on the market than it wont to be, a gaming PC can set you back far more once it involves right prices. It’s conjointly tougher to create a gaming PC than it’s to shop for a console. However, the $64000 worth starts to point out itself after you think about the relative prices of upgrades!

Upgrading Your PC

The initial costs of building a gaming PC are high, but you can upgrade individual parts as needed, leading to long-term savings.

Once your gaming PC is up and running, you’ll be able to replace individual elements as required. That’s smart as a result of your processor and graphics cards can most likely last around 5 or a lot of years anyway, and that they are the foremost costly to switch. RAM, cooling fans, hard drives, power offer alternative minor elements all come back low cost and don’t need exchange typically.

Compare this to consoles, which are, technically, not possible to physically upgrade. You don’t pull apart your PS4 and replace the GPU, you sell it ANd march on after you can obtain an updated version or a more modern model. It’s a form of false economy. You pay less for the initial hardware. However, you need to pay multiple times to remain up-to-date. Once the “pro” version comes out, and you either fall behind or give another $400.

Then there are box upgrades, which provide less worth than upgrading elements as required. However, if you upgrade your PC with tactfulness, you may save throughout the years, even though you’re on a budget. As a bonus, your gaming PC offers extra practicality as a microcomputer if required for tasks like video and audio redaction or as a piecing machine. So, it’s not only for your Fortnite or online poker pursuits!

PC vs Console Gaming


A higher percentage of developers are working on PC games than any other platform. Image credit: Statista

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Let’s get right down to business. Apart from prices, that are a vital issue for many gamers, it’s all concerning the gaming. What will a PC supply that a console cannot? The solution may surprise you: PC gaming offers a lot of exclusivities and cheaper, a lot of promptly on the market games.

It’s not AN argument that everybody can trust. However, it seems to be true, each in observation and analysis. A study by Statista showed that:

  • 60 p.c of four,000 developers were performing on PC games
  • 30 p.c were playing on PS4 games
  • 26 p.c were playing on Xbox One games

The PC has exclusive games across all genres, as well as shoot ‘em ups like Quake Champions, RPGs like Tyranny and weird games like Endless house two also as on-line gems like Texas Hold ‘em, which might be competing against alternative poker players around the world.

Surprisingly, the PC comes into its own once it involves strategy games, each turn-based and in real time. Suppose Civilization, Medieval: Total War and Command & Conquer. If a method is your focus, there’s nothing higher than the PC.

At an equivalent time, several console games currently come back to the PC via Steam and alternative platforms. Legendary “console exclusives” like Gears of War, SOMA, Tekken seven and also the inevitable FFXV run fluently on the PC whereas remaining exclusive to either the Xbox One or PS4. The computer is usually neutral territory for Microsoft and Sony, although Sony will withhold a number of their titles.

Cheaper and Backward-Compatible gaming

So, the PC wins on game exclusivity, and customarily, it conjointly wins on game prices. You’ll be able to conjointly build up an excellent library of PC games on a little budget by grabbing deals and discounts on Steam and Amazon sales. Games typically drop to $15 — $20 six months when unharness, a value that the majority console games can ne’er see.

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Free games are rife on the PC, with poker sites giving free poker tournaments with real prizes. And lots of free-to-play games, like DOTA two and League of Legends, became large due to this feature. Poker players will like better to buy-in for real cash whereas League of Legends players should buy add-ons. However, the free choices are there for the taking. Indie games are typically free without charge or at discount costs as low as some bucks.

PC gaming is additionally entirely backward compatible, therefore once you’ve got purchased the games, they’re yours, and upgrading your gaming PC won’t create them inaccessible. Homeowners of a PS4 will solely play PS3 games by getting a pass and can’t play previous PS2 games on their new console unless they pay the total value for the “remastered” version.

There are concerning forty years of PC gaming history, and every one of that’s on the market to play on any new machine. You’ll be able to relish text journey games and interactive fiction, run DOS games or return in time with 90s games like Caesar III. Mods are sometimes plentiful. Therefore previous games and new ones are often updated for additional enjoyment.


PC gaming isn’t for everybody, as it’s difficult compared to owning and running a console. It takes time and commitment to create your PC, update graphics cards and install mods. However, if you’re obsessed with the complexities, then PC gaming is extremely rewardable and represents vital worth within the end of the day. It offers AN unmatched vary of games, the prospect for upgrades and backward compatibility spanning decades. What’s not to love?



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