PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One? One of the biggest debates you’ll ever stumble upon within the gaming world.

It’s going to be a protracted answer, starting from exclusive games to the features to the sales.

First, let’s check out PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One:


Ps4 comes in 3 variants. Ps4, Ps4 Slim, Ps4 Pro. The first edition of the ps4 has most likely been discontinued, and stores do not stock that model. Either get Slim or pro. Slim is the same as the basic Ps4 edition, except that it’s quite slim and has no home theater port.

It runs on a GDDR5 8gb ram, Single-chip custom processor, x86-64 AMD “Jaguar,” 8 cores, 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine.

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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One
PS4 Slim

Ps4 Pro. Buy it as long as you’ve got a 4K tv/monitor. It’s additionally quite significant. Same specifications as the above one except for the graphics. Graphics? Hell yeah! 4.20 TFLOPS AMD RADEON ENGINE! Imagine that! 4K supported!

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One
PS4 Pro

Now let’s point out Microsoft’s Xbox:

Also comes in three variants, Xbox One, One S, One X. Again, Original Xbox One is destocked, replaced by other two.

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One S: It’s steam-powered by an equivalently specced eight-core AMD custom central processor, clocked at 1.75GHz and also the same Radeon GPU with 1.23 TFLOPS peak shader throughput and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One
Xbox One S

One X: An eight-core AMD processor is running at 2.3GHz, and a much-improved AMD graphics chip with 40 compute Units (versus 12 on the older models). There’s 12GB of high-speed memory for the console to use, with around 9GB set aside for games and graphics.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One
Xbox One X

Sales :

Looking at the overall sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in Feb 2017 shows however the PlayStation 4 has continuing to dominate over the Xbox One and Wii U, outselling each of them combined by 13.32 million units. The PlayStation 4 passed the 55 million mark. The PS4 has sold-out 55.91 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 28.72 million units.

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PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 55,910,684

Xbox One Total Sales: 28,717,251

Exclusive Games (Popular Ones) :

Ps4 has – The last of us, Uncharted, Gran Turismo.

Xbox one – Forza, The Halo, Gears of War.

Ps4 includes a total of 103 exclusive titles whereas Xbox holds 67.

I like Ps4 over Xbox, anytime and any day.

Rest I’ll leave up to you, use the comment section to tell us the one you like more and would go for if you are to get a gaming console.




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