During your Pokemon Lets Go journey, you’ll realize that your pokemon would like healing. Fortunately, the workers at the Pokecenter are prepared and waiting to heal them up. Follow this quick guide, and we’ll show you ways to search out your nearest one.

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Most towns and cities will have a Pokecenter. They serve as a fast way to heal your entire party, instead of using up your potions. You’ll find them by looking for a building with a red roof.

Find Pokecenter

Although they solely supply a healing service, you’ll find info regarding secret techniques. Merely walk over to the bookshelf and interact with it. Doing so can reward you with hints that point towards clearing ways easily. Making it more accessible to induce to hard to succeed in places within the game.

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Once your Pokemon are all healed up, you’ll come back to out there. Don’t forget, always keep a watch on where your nearest town or city is. Just in case you’re in need of emergency heals for your team!



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