After a lot of speculation, it appears that all signs point to PUBG PS4 Release Date. Currently, the information is coagulated with an Amazon listing revealing the discharge date of the game. If the release date is correct the announcement ought to come a day after the game Awards.

While we’ve coated PUBG on the PS4 extensively, the wait is sort of over. Once being exclusive on the Xbox One for almost a year the game appears to be creating its way to the PS4 within the coming month.

PUBG PS4 Listing found on Amazon: PUBG PS4 Release Date

The listing has since then been removed from Amazon, however, Twitter user Wario64 was able to capture a snip of the listing and therefore the listing continues to be attainable using Google Cache.

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PUBG PS4 Release Date

The release date is said to be 8th of Dec. A day after the game Awards are alleged to come. Keep in mind that Amazon listings are right within the past, however, are less probably to be wrong. we tend to still encourage you to require this data with some grains of salt.

PUBG can have a tricky market to vie against with a free-to-play game like Fortnite. Considering the largest distinction here, however, Xbox Live could be a demand for even free-to-play games on the Xbox One, the same doesn’t apply for PS4 where Fortnite doesn’t need PS+. PUBG can mainly be targeting active players of PS+ and hopefully, the game performs higher than its PC or console counterparts.

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Surprisingly the mobile version of PUBG runs terribly swish compared to the opposite platforms, thus we will solely hope that in the end these years BlueHole has finally discovered the correct combination of performance and graphics to create the console release a stable release.

What are your thoughts on PUBG PS4? Is it insufficient, too late? or is there still room for the game on the PS4? Let us apprehend within the comments section below.



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