Here’s your complete guide to the new PUBG Vikendi map update, together with the size, best places to land, and more.

After a fair bit of teasing, the snowy Vikendi map is currently accessible for PUBG players, however only on the PC test Server version of the game as of right now. In this complete PUBG Vikendi map guide, we’ll be detailing all the guidelines and tricks that you need to apprehend if it is your first time playing on the map, as well as the best places to land on the PUBG Vikendi map, and much more.

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PUBG Vikendi Update

First thing’s first: You’ll need to download the most recent update for the PUBG test Server client on Steam, which comes in at right around 2.5GB. It’s through this update that you’ll have access to the new map of Vikendi on PUBG. As of right now, we’re not yet sure when the map is coming to the base version, or console versions of the game, however, we’ll update this section with additional concrete details within the future.

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PUBG Vikendi Map

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

Just below, you’ll be able to see a complete summary of the PUBG Vikendi map. As you’ll most likely tell only from a look at the map, this place is extraordinarily cold and mountainous and could be a 6×6 size by kilometres, putting it right in between the dimensions of the Erangel and Miramar maps. The previous is smaller, being 4×4, whereas Miramar is the far larger of all the maps, being 8×8 kilometres.

PUBG Vikendi Map

You might assume it’s obvious, however, keep in mind that the starting outfit in PUBG, and the overwhelming majority of outfits within the game, are dark, which means you’ll stand out against the snowy landscape around you. If possible, you must positively bring some light-themed gear with you to Vikendi.

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Also, you’ll be able to see footprints and tyre tracks left by vehicles and other players within the snow, therefore ensure to use this to your advantage if you would like to trace down another player quickly.

Best Places to Land on Vikendi

Vikendi is an interesting map. It’s pretty huge, more substantial than Erangel at least. However it’s quite densely inhabited regarding how spread out the buildings is around the island map, meaning theoretically at least, you are never more than half a kilometre far from at least one building.

This means that there are a large number of excellent landing options from the plane on the Vikendi map in PUBG. The cosmodrome that features a rocket within the northern portion of the map is usually a solid option, as are Volnova and Cantra within the south.

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If the landing plane goes from north to south or vice versa at the beginning of the game, then you will need to go as far away from the plane as possible, maybe to Dobro Mesto. If the plane goes from east to west or vice versa on Vikendi, then you’ll hit up either the Cosmodrome to the north or Volnova and Cantra to the south. There are a large number of choices to play around with on the Vikendi map.

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