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Skyrim VR – Is It Worth Playing | My Honest Review

I’ve always had a curiosity when it comes to Virtual Reality when I was a kid, and I used to imagine a day when we could literally be transported into our favorite gaming worlds, that experience everything we could ever imagine right in front of us. Well, the closest thing to that we have now is VR. It’s pretty much the best way to exist in the world of your favorite video games from your home, and what I believe is Skyrim is one of those games. I’ve known about Skyrim VR for a long time, and I have always had an inch to try it, but the price tag is pretty daunting, thankfully, I was able to give it a shot because of today’s sponsor. You guys.

No joke. You guys literally made this post possible just from reading my content and I can’t thank you enough for the support. I love making these posts and I’m so glad you like them too. Without further Ado. I hope you enjoy my review of Skyrim VR.

I was feeling pretty skeptical about how my experience would go right from the beginning, while I’ve discussed Skyrim’s introduction so many times before being able to feel like I was literally sitting in the prison wagon about to get my head chopped off was pretty awesome, already. I could tell that I would be experiencing one of my favorite games from a whole new perspective. But as much as it pains me to say it, the intro in Skyrim VR is actually kind of worse than the original game. I know that might sound strange, but for a lot of the scenes where your character is supposed to be moving they just jump, cut ahead and it became pretty jarring. I get why they broke these scenes up because it would probably make anybody motion sick from all the movements, but it did take me out of the immersion of it.

I know it’s not great to start on a sour note, but trust me, the experience only went up from there, from that point on, you’re free to play the game however you like, finally leaving Helgen has always been a very freeing moment, but I can’t describe just how breathtaking the land of Skyrim is in VR. I probably spent the first 20 minutes just looking at all the flowers and taking in the sights. Along the path to River would suddenly become so much more aware of all of the little details Skyrim has to offer.

And it truly feels like you’re seeing the game for the first time again. Another thing I noticed, right out of the gate was the sheer scale of Skyrim. You don’t actually realize how big everything is until it’s right in front of you. Seeing Bleak Falls Barrow on the distant mountains blew my mind and when my curiosity took me closer, I really felt like an ant compared to the giant structures above me, honestly, the Land of Skyrim is so visually stunning that it was difficult to get anything done without getting sidetracked by beautiful Skies.

My first day in Skyrim VR was spent entirely in Riverwood because I found myself wanting to absorb everything I could. I did all of this smithing Quest, Spend some time chopping wood, and even stayed at the local end. It’s so easy to get sucked in while in Skyrim VR and that’s why I think the visuals are definitely the best part of the game. Walking through the fields of Whiterun at night with this gigantic mood looming over and that, unfortunately, Forgettable Jeremy Soule soundtrack is a gaming experience that I probably will never forget and with a few added visual mods. It’s kind of insane.

How hard it was to set the virtual world apart from reality. I know this might all sound cheesy, but after spending years deeply invested in the world of Skyrim, actually being there left me speechless, but how about the combat in classic Skyrim battling with a sword? it’s still pretty fun, but in VR, you actually have to swing your arms around like a madman, I can only imagine what it would look like if somebody walked in on you during an intense fight, but under the headset you really feel like a badass. I think that melee weapon Conda is definitely the weakest of the fighting styles, which kind of surprised me.

You don’t really need to be precise at all. If an enemy runs up all you can do is wiggle your hands around a bit instead of actually swinging but I ended up really liking the Archery pulling back a bowstring with both my hands reminded me of a lot of old Wii games, but it feels so Fine-tuned and accurate.

I really never hit anything because I suck at it right now, but I think with a little more practice, Archery could be my thing. Unleashing your inner wizard is super fun too. I like using fire spells because they’re super chaotic, but it’s also kind of fun just standing in the corner of a Tavern and doing this with your hand, taking on giant monsters can be pretty terrifying because they really get all up in your face, but it also feels super rewarding overcoming these challenges. I was super worried about taking out a giant here for the first time, but I only cried twice.

Combat is much more fine-tuned than I expected, and it’s really a lot of fun if you actually commit to it. So most of the base game stuff is all well and good, but if we’re talking about Skyrim, you know we got to talk about some of the mods. Most of the original special edition mods are also compatible with the Skyrim VR version. So obviously I had to try out some of my favorites, but it’s the mods that are unique to be ours that are truly something special. The first one I tried was a mod that actually fixed a lot of the issues I had with the original.

No melee combat from the base game. It’s called VR combat enhanced and it basically makes you stop doing the VR equivalent of button mashing. You actually have to make full Swings with your arms to do any damage and it makes more of a difference than you might think. Plus I got this really cool mod called Sky UI which is particularly helpful in Skyrim VR because going through the setting screens and Menus can feel pretty disorienting at times.

If you want to hear more about some of my favorite classic Skyrim mods, make sure to check out my 10 Best Skyrim Mods. Also, if you want to hear more about Skyrim VR mods, definitely let me know in the comments section. Skyrim VR has always been a way to escape for me, especially when I want to break out of reality and go on a good old-fashioned Adventure, they actually changed pretty much everything for me. I can’t put into words how breathtaking it truly is to be inside the world that I had dreamed of exploring since I was a kid.

Not sure that I was willing to get the classic version up so easily. For now, Skyrim VR is definitely the most obvious choice when it comes to being fully immersed in the world, but I got to say there’s really nothing quite like the version that started at all. Either way. I’ll be coming back to Skyrim VR for the chill nights, walking the Whiterun fields in the moments that make me truly feel like a Dragonborn.

Hey, thanks so much for reading my content, would have never been possible without you guys. So I really appreciate all the support on my blog. You guys have made me feel so proud to be a part of this community. And I’m glad I can share my experiences with all of you. If you’re new here, definitely consider subscribing to our newsletter because not only does it help out the blog, but it also shows how much the love for Skyrim continues to grow. Even 10 years later. Keep gaming to the fullest. Thanks a ton for everything, and I will catch you guys in the next post. Peace

Written by Ada Eze


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