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Squid Games: Which Of The Games Terrified You The Most?

Hi guys, we are going to rate every squid games movie game by scariness. If I was ever in this competition I would easily win, so I will rate them by how terrifying they are for most people.

Red Light  Green Light: 1000/10

That’s the creepiest and terrifying doll I’ve ever seen. No doubt about it.

Honeycomb Shape Cutting: 9/10

It’s so gross to watch Gi-Hun lick the honeycomb, I would rather die than licking from that shape.

Tug Of War: 1/10

This should be one of my best game, am an expert when it comes to Tug Of War, cause I use to play it a lot when I was a kid. though when I played it, the height wasn’t 100ft above the ground, which that gonna make it way scarier for me.

Marble Games: 3/10

Well, the game is just simple, if actually the marbles were made of hot balls or with spikes, that would have made it a scary one.

Glass Bridge: 11/10

I’m not scared of heights, but I am scared of falling. So it’s actually kind of terrifying.

Squid Game: 7/10

I don’t understand the rules of this game. So I might just die for confusion.

  • Which Of The Squid Games Terrified You The Most?

    • Marble Games
    • Honeycomb Shape Cutting
    • Red Light, Green Light
    • Tug of War
      Tug of War
    • Glass Bridge
    • Squid Game

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Written by Ada Eze


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