Squid Game Crazy Theory: Red and Blue Card

this is another crazy theory about the show Squid Game.

Dude I love Squid Game

Okay, don’t you think it’s kind of weird how we never see how the red suit workers get hired or pick?

Yes, we do. They never explain where they come from.

Okay. So remember when the guy in the subway tells Gi-Hun, do you want to play a game and Gi-Hun has to pick a color to play Doc you now, you pesky on a choice where there’s a red card or the blue, Gi-Hun picks blue, right? So there’s a theory going around that the color you pick determines the role you play in Squid Game.

What do you mean?

So since Gi-Hun picked the blue card, he woke up as a player, wearing like that greenish-blue jumpsuit, but if you were to pick red, Then he would have woke up as a worker, and the red, and like this helmet, because just like the players, workers are also numbered 200.

So, all the contestants must always pick blue

And the workers are the red cards.

Written by Ada Eze


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