Squid Game Season 2 Crazy Theory

Do You Think There Will Be Season 2 Of Squid Game?

There’s another theory for Squid Game Season 2.

season 2

So the CEO of Netflix said Squid Game is on track to be the biggest show of all time for Netflix, so most likely it’s getting into season two.

I seriously think it’s one of Netflix’s best shows

So last week I saw this crazy theory from Ruth Bell and remember watching them play the Bridge Game and one of the VIPs talk about the contestants and he said, it’s been amazing this edition and then says the contest in Korean is the best, so this is where the theory comes in.

That means Squid Game is not just in Korea but it’s in both different countries; since the VIPs says the contest in Korea is the best implies that there are different countries and also have squid games too and Ruth Bella saying like maybe in America it’s The Hunger Games and then maybe in Japan, it’s Alice In borderland because they all kind of have a similar concept.

What, I didn’t even know that the VIP said that

So literally the next season can take place in multiple different countries, where Gi-Hun gonna have to try to take down the different Squid Game creators.

We might be just getting more than just two seasons.

Written by Ada Eze


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