Squid Game Season 2 Announced Release Date

The creator of Squid Game just announced his plans for Squid Game Season 2. Really Yes, I know everyone wants to see Squid Game Season 2. A potential plot was released by the writer. I definitely think everybody needs a season 2 of Squid Game.

So the writer said that for season 2. he really want to explore the story of the frontman, and how we went from winning the games to now working for the games, he also might show the relationship between the frontman, and his brother, and what made him play the game in the first place. He also might get into the story of the old man, as well.

That’s such a good story because it’s such a mystery of the show how the frontman went from the winner to now working for the game

Since we know Squid Game Season 2 might be a Prequel, the theory is that season 3 will finally see Gi-Hun and the detective trying to take down the games and his brother, because Ruth Bell says that the detective was still alive because he only got shot in the shoulder, the same exact spot he shot the frontman.

We better get us Squid Game Season 2 in 2022, that’s all I’m saying

Written by Ada Eze


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