Squid Game Theory: Gi-Hun & The Old Man

Crazy Theory About The Old Man Being Gi-Hun Father

So there’s a crazy theory about Gi-Hun and the old man in the show, squid games.

Let’s hear it.

So remember how close the old man was to Gi-Hun.


So there’s a theory that the old man is actually the dad of Gi-Hun, so in episode three Gi-Hun asked for chocolate milk when the workers are handing out regular milk because he’s allergic to dairy, and then the old man says, I’m willing to bet as a kid you got spanked a lot, and the Gi-Hun says How did you know that, then the old man says, My son did too, he was just like you friend.

He’s basically saying that he’s exactly like his son

Then when they’re playing the marbles game the old man says, you know, when I was a kid I live in a neighborhood just like this and then Gi-Hun says So did I. And then when the old man starts to lose his memory.

He asked Gi-Hun, what day is it and he says, Is today the 24th, because his son’s birthday is in a couple of days, and guess what day Gi-Hun’s birthday is at the beginning of the show when Gi-Hun’s trying to get money out of the ATM, he punched in his birthday as the pin and his birthday is April 26 Just a couple of days after the 24th just like the old man son.

Stop it

Written by Ada Eze


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