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Squid Game Theory: The Old Man Is Cheating

So there’s a crazy Squid Game Theory that you could actually see how the old man cheats on Squid game.

Well, I know when they’re playing Red Light Green Light, the old man was the only one that didn’t get scanned by the robot.

Yeah, but there’s something even crazier, how the old man cheated. So Maxi Doxie did a video where you found this crazy detail during the tug-of-war game. Remember how the old man helps Gi-Hun and everybody win the tug-of-war game.


But did you see how the players like handcuffed and chained to the rope with locks?

Yeah. Everyone had locks on each of their wrists

Right, But there’s a crazy theory that the old man actually had special locks and it wasn’t actually locked to the rope

Wait, how?

So when Gi-Hun and the whole team win Tug-of-war, they were all laying on the ground. If you look at the wrist, they’re all handcuffed to the ropes that are with locks on. But when you see the old man laying on the ground, he doesn’t have locks on his wrist anymore.

So the old man probably used fake locks just the case his team was about to lose. he would just let go of the rope and moved out of the way.

Yeah, you probably had fake locks then

Written by Ada Eze


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