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Squid Game Theory: The Old Man Was Bad From The Beginning

So there’s a crazy Squid Game Theory about the Netflix show Squid Game.

Squid Game is so good, it’s literally like number one in the world right now

Yeah, but this is a spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. So, I read this article and there’s a theory that you can tell that the old man was bad from the beginning.

Honestly, looking back on it. I had no idea he was bad

Right, but if you look closely when they’re playing Red Light, Green Light, everyone is getting scanned by the robot, except for the old man, and he’s the only one that’s not nervous to play, in early in the show, we see someone take off their VIP mask and if you look at their hand, it’s the old man’s hand.

I never realize that, just see him take off their mask

And you know how all the players are always trying to figure out which game is next.


Did you know that if they just looked around and moved all the beds, all the games are drawn on the wall, in the order that they’re playing.

Wait, are you serious?

Ever since they entered the room? The games have been on the wall.

The writing of the show is so good. I never even realize all these theories.

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Written by Ada Eze


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