Last year, SteelSeries reinvented itself with a new range of trendy headsets and a return to form with its iconic gaming mice. This year, we see an evolution of the companies specialise in superior gaming peripherals at competitive costs. SteelSeries Rival 600

The SteelSeries Rival 600 kicks that off with an FPS gaming mouse priced at solely $79 or £79 (about AU$100) however with all the performance, RGB lighting and intensive weight systems we’d generally come with higher-end peripherals. Plus, the mouse features a distinctive dual sensor system.


By all appearances, the Rival 600 appears like the Rival 310 – on steroids. It’s a bit larger than SteelSeries’ entry-level gaming mouse, but fortunately, it’s nowhere close to being the chunky monster that was the Rival 500.

There are also, thankfully, considerably fewer buttons on the Rival 600 compared to the Rival 500. Whereas its precursor went utterly overboard with 15 buttons and switches, this mouse solely has three side buttons additionally to the standard left/right click and scroll wheel. It’s a more focused setup we tend to appreciate, and therefore the the} less complicated layout also makes room for larger buttons overall.

Though the Rival 600 doesn’t feature much of SteelSeries’ new two-tone look as seen on its earlier mice, there’s an additional use of sentimental touch finishes all over the exterior of this peripheral. What’s more, the two sides you’ll be gripping the most are lined with seriously soft pieces of rubber, guaranteeing a comfortable and firm grip.

Speaking of the edges, they’re removable on the Rival 600, revealing the intensive customizable weight system. Out of the box, this mouse weighs 96g – that’s fairly average for a gaming mouse. With the elective set of eight additional 4g metal bits (an extra 32g in total), you can bring the overall weight up to 128g.

As someone who likes a very significant mouse, this author loves loading up the Rival 600 for a steadier shot. Of course, you’re welcome to feature however many you want – up to 256 different combinations that may conjointly change the balance of the mouse.

Sadly, the detachable side grips don’t do much other than providing you with access to the weight system, and SteelSeries tells us it doesn’t have any plans for various grip shapes or additional buttons for the time being.

The other most significant design modification the Rival 600 introduces is proper RGB spectrum lighting. With eight zones of lighting, you’ll not solely have this mouse cycle through multiple colours however display a rainbow of hues at the same time. It’s one thing we’ve been awaiting from SteelSeries mice for a while, and we’re happy to say the lighting is therefore well diffused, the standard of RGB is on par with that of Razer’s peripherals.

SteelSeries Rival 600


Aesthetics aside, the Rival 600 is well-tuned for performance likewise. This mouse not solely packs the TrueMove 3 sensor we came to like on the Sensei 310, but additionally a secondary sensor to prevent your cursor from drifting after you lift the mouse off your mousepad or table.

On its own, the TrueMove 3 sensor offers the most sensitivity of 12,000 counts-per-inch (CPI) and one-to-one tracking at up to 3,500 CPI. With the additional lift-off accuracy of the second sensor, this gaming mouse never misses a beat – even when we have to reorient our hand during intense firefights in Rainbow Six: The Siege.

Lifting off with our mouse and sensor drift has usually led us to start at either the bottom or sky, quickly followed by a game over screen. The Rival 600’s second sensor eliminates this issue.

We didn’t assume SteelSeries might top itself with an even additional accurate mouse than the Sensei 310. However, the Rival 600 has us thoroughly impressed.

SteelSeries Rival 600


The SteelSeries Rival 600 may be a feature-packed gaming mouse well deserve its $79 or £79 (about AU$100) price tag. You won’t find another gaming mouse with a dual sensor system that eliminates cursor drift likewise as this peripheral. The same goes with the Rival 600’s intensive weight system, however that may solely be crucial for fans of extra significant gaming mice like ourselves.

Add within the customizable RBG lighting system, and the SteelSeries Rival 600 is one among the most utterly trendy gaming mice you should undoubtedly check up on.



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